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Study Abroad + Backpacking Questions

In a few weeks I’m starting a study abroad program in Central Europe that lasts a month, then I’m stay five weeks afterward to backpack around the region. I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out what to pack and how much!
I’m flying in and out of the same city I’m studying in, so was hoping there would be a way to size down and store some of my things until I come back for my departure flight. Does anyone know if this is possible?
Either way, what’s a reasonable amount to pack? How much will they allow me to bring onto trains, etc?

2-3 month Eurotip need some advice!


I was planning on going to Europe next (April), May and June with my girlfriend (2012). June is a must because I am meeting with my family to attend a Wedding and then exploring a little of Italy with them. I haven’t done TOO much looking into it yet but I have read the favorite places forum.. several times. My must see locations: London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Greece and of course some of the smaller cities/towns around them but those are the biggies, starting in London and making our way south to Greece. My first concern is the cost…

London - A few hours - Need a meeting spots and hostel recommendation

Hello all,

I need help, I am flying in with a friend to LGW at 07:10 on June 24 and we are meeting a friend from a 10:35 flight into London Stansted. We only have a few hours to play before 2 of us have to be back at Stansted to catch a 17:05 flight, while we leave one friend behind in london for a night. The one staying back needs a cheap hostel(advice?) near our meeting point that’s convenient for getting transport to LHR the next day (afternoon).

First-Time Europe

First-Time Europe (by Louis CasaBianca)