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Study Abroad + Backpacking Questions

In a few weeks I’m starting a study abroad program in Central Europe that lasts a month, then I’m stay five weeks afterward to backpack around the region. I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out what to pack and how much!
I’m flying in and out of the same city I’m studying in, so was hoping there would be a way to size down and store some of my things until I come back for my departure flight. Does anyone know if this is possible?
Either way, what’s a reasonable amount to pack? How much will they allow me to bring onto trains, etc?

2-3 month Eurotip need some advice!


I was planning on going to Europe next (April), May and June with my girlfriend (2012). June is a must because I am meeting with my family to attend a Wedding and then exploring a little of Italy with them. I haven’t done TOO much looking into it yet but I have read the favorite places forum.. several times. My must see locations: London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Greece and of course some of the smaller cities/towns around them but those are the biggies, starting in London and making our way south to Greece. My first concern is the cost…

My 2011 itinerary

ok, first look at my itinerary 2011 Senior Trip

next, I need advice on what cities to go to. What city should i spend longer in: barcelona, madrid, or a what other spanish country?

London - A few hours - Need a meeting spots and hostel recommendation

Hello all,

I need help, I am flying in with a friend to LGW at 07:10 on June 24 and we are meeting a friend from a 10:35 flight into London Stansted. We only have a few hours to play before 2 of us have to be back at Stansted to catch a 17:05 flight, while we leave one friend behind in london for a night. The one staying back needs a cheap hostel(advice?) near our meeting point that’s convenient for getting transport to LHR the next day (afternoon).

First-Time Europe

First-Time Europe (by Louis CasaBianca)