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best way from Naples to Venice

What do you think is the most efficient way to get from Naples to Venice PER experience? The trains seem to take in average 8 hours. some less some more. My friend&I are on a budget, so when I saw that with easy jet we could fly from Naples to Venice for 24E, it seemed like a good idea. But to be honest, I’m looking to know if I’d waste just as much time GETTING to the airport, boarding, delays, getting from the airport in venice…
I am just looking to hear people’s experiences. What would you say is the best way?

When to buy, and where to fly.

I’m a Senior in highschools who is planning a trip to Europe during the month of June, and I have a few questions about airfares. I’m departing from Spokane, Wa (GEG) and I’m hoping to fly in some where near Krakow, Poland (But I’m flexible, and willing to take the rail there).

  • When is the best time to book a flight around this time frame? ie. is March 29 better than the 1st, or is monday better than friday.
  • Where can the best deals be found for flights Europe?
  • Which airports are cheepest to fly into? (I noticed Paris seems more expensive than most)