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Amsterdam to London

What is the best way to get from Amsterdam to London? I’ll be traveling around the 22nd of June 2010.
Should I book in advance or wait till i get to Amsterdam?

First Timer: Summer in Europe

Hello All.

Sorry if this has been tackled time and time again but I’m starting to get things in order for my first backpacking experience. I’ve never really been out of the country (US) and I’m really looking forward to seeing something new.

Ok, I have 9 days (because of work) and I only have two “must see” places. What can you tell me about Barcelona & Amsterdam? My plan is to fly into Amsterdam for the first part of the trip and then fly down to Barcelona for the last part. I am meeting up with a friend in Barcelona- that’s why that’s on the map.

Food In Eurpoe

I could not find anywhere on this sight where it talked about food. I am going to be going to London, Paris, and Amsterdam. I would like to know how much roughly i would be spending on food per day in each city. If someone could give me a low end amount and an high end amount. My friends and i will probably be drinking a lot of beer. Maybe add that into the cost. Thanks for the help.

Any young people backpacking through Europe in July/August?

So I live in Europe and I would like to join some backpackers in summer. I would want to see mostly just Paris and Amsterdam (I wouldn’t go all the way).

Party Hostels in England, Ireland, Am'dam, Belgium??

I have just come back from backpacking through Australia for 6 months and i am hopefully leaving for Europe in late march, april-ish and i was hopeful that the European hostels would stand up to the same party atmosphere as i have come used to in oz like waking up at 11:00am and people already going jagerbombs in the common room and im on a super tight budget since i just came home i don’t really have enough saved up to be leaving again but i really need to get back to traveling!

So any suggestions ????


Flights to Israel with stop over in Europe

We are a family of 5, traveling from Portland Oregon to Israel around June 20 until July 17 2010 or so. Looking to stop over for 3 days in London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Madrid. I have tried flights to just London with cheap flights to Tel Aviv, but prices to London are horrible. Any advise? should I just take my luck with Priceline to London and back and then purchase on easyjet to Israel? anyone knows other airlines from the other European cities to Israel that I can try?
Thanks much for any advise given, Rina.

Budget and places to maybe cut out?

Hi, my plan is listed below. I’m on a kind of tight budget (not too sure what that will be yet right enough) and was wondering if it looks okay and perhaps people can reccomend places to cut out or add in?


best Secure PRIVATE rooms, 1 BED ONLY.

Hey guys,

Im trying to find a safe and secure private room for me and my partner for 4-5 weeks in Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin. Must be ONE bed, and have lock on the door. Cheapest as possible.

Any sugestions?


Queens Day 2010

My friend and I are planning on attending Queens Day in April 2010 and we’re wondering what to expect. It looks like a lot of fun and we’re excited to experience the mayheim of the holiday but would love any insight on what to plan for or do, aside from wearing the color orange, which we will most definitely do. Thanks in advance! Wink

dont know what pass should i buy

hey guys i need your help

i dont really know what pass should i buy

i got 10 countries im going to and im going trow main cities
Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, Berne, Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam

i dont know if i should get the 10 days within 2 months
or the 15 days within 2 months
Non-consecutive means that i can split the lets say 10 days within 2 months?

mt trip is for 1 month

thx guys Smile