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Best route for Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Amsterdam?

I want to go the Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and Amsterdam. Whats the best order to visit them that will save me the most money. I realize that I may have to eliminate a country. Amsterdam however, is a must. What do you think?

Im thinking maybe: Spain-France-Germany-Amsterdam or Amsterdam, German, France, Italy

It seems that no matter what I do, either Spain or Italy will get cut, but of course, I haven’t actually looked up travel prices and Spain-Italy might not be expensive. any help?

Amsterdam Nightlife

Hello all! I will be traveling to Amsterdam July 22, 2009 – ? and I am looking to have a fun-filled adventure. Im looking to partake in consumption of drugs and alcohol. Where do you suggest I go???

Hotel Brouwer
Hostel in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Recommended Hostels?

My best friend and I are traveling around Europe this summer and I was wondering if anyone could recommend good hostels in the countries that we’re going to. We are looking for places in the city near bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafes.
We will be visiting:


What is the best way to get around?

My itinerary is mostly Western Europe.
I have a lot of questions so please bear with me.

Shall I buy a Eurail pass for the whole 2 months?
I was thinking of booking a flight from Barcelona to Nice.
Should I also book a flight from Paris to Barcelona?
When do you think would be most appropriate to ride overnight trains?

Thx in advance guys!

Best Way to get from Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam


I am flying into Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and would like to know what is the best way to get in the city. Is it better to use a cab or is there some sort of bus, subway or train. My hotel is near Centraal Station so its in the heart of the city. Any information would be helpful.


Sites to book Train Tickets

I was wondering if anyone new of some good Cheap sites where I could book point to point tickets from. I am traveling from Rome to Munich, then from Munich to Berlin, Berlin to Sweden via plane and back to Berlin, Berlin to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Paris and Paris to Rome all by train

Berlin-Amsterdam-Paris SOLO

I have planned my first trip to europe and SOLO (travelling by myself). I will be in Berlin (may 23rd) and leavin form Paris (june 1st). I plan on doing Amsterdam as well. Since I am new to this, I would really appreciate any advice / tips / or places not to miss! I won’t lie, I am pretty nervous about travelling alone!!

Flo (20 yr old girl from Montreal, Canada )

First Time to Amsterdam - Which area to stay in

It’s my first time traveling in Europe. I’ll be in Amsterdam for 4 days and would like advice on which part of town to stay in. I’ve heard the leideseplein area is nice, but part of me also just wants to stay right down town to get the full effect. I’m open for other suggestions as well. Suggestions on particular hostels will be appreciated also.

Eurail selectpass is enough for transportation?

First time travelers here! My buddy and I are going to Paris, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Seville, Amsterdam, and Bruges this May 25 – June 25. I want to purchase the eurail 4 country 10 days/2 month selectpass. I don’t want to fly within europe. Ten days for eurail just doesn’t seem enough for a month trip, especially since we’ll need transportation within the cities. What about travel within countries?

P.S. what’s this talk about reservations for some trains? and how do we get sleepers? are they included in the selectpass deal?