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Dublin to Bergen to Amsterdam


Wondering if you could provide feedback on transport to and from Norway. We are going to see a friend there after flying in from Dublin from the States. Would like it to be as cheap as possible, and wondering if this would be the best way to do it.


Hello everyone
Me and my 2 mates are going to Amsterdam on the 26th February for four nights. We are going mainly to visit the cofee shops and genarally chill out while we are there but we do however fancy a night out. I have been to Amsterdam before and when on a night out ended up spending far too much money for the quality of the night. Anyone no of any good clubs in Amsterdam where we wont all end up broke the next morning?


im looking for a fun party hostel to stay at in amsterdam and i found the bulldog hostel and was wondering if its a good hostel. any insight will be greatly appreciated.

Help with Hostels and age

Hello All,
I am planning my eurotrip for may 2009 and i have run across a few problems.
-my friend who I was hoping to travel with bailed on me recently
-I will most likely still go alone
-I will be only 17 at the time turning 18 in august
-Will this be a problem checking into hostels? (Im going to amsterdam, berlin, prague, vienna, maybe bratislava, maybe krakow, and definitly budapest, if at all relevant)
-Another group I know reletively well offered me to join their group all 18 yrs old, would it be less problematic for me to join them or would I run into the same issues?

Hostels and Cafes in Amsterdam

Does anyone know of any good cheaper hostels in Amsterdam?
We are going in October.

Also any good coffeeshops?

First Time Going to Europe...would like advice


I’m planning my first trip to Europe and would like some advice. I’d like to visit Rome, Paris, London, Venice and Amsterdam. I’m thinking the trip will be a total of 16 days — so I’m wondering if three days in each place is enough time realistically or whether I should cut down the places I want to visit. I will say that I have family and friends in London — not sure if I need to allot more time there.

Amsterdam and Brlin in 10 days, please help!!

So i am going to europe in 10 days! so stoked, il be there from the 17th to th 22nd(flying out th morning of the 22nd) Initially it was going to be only amsterdam but i want to go to berlin too since i am in the region. The plan is to take a train to berlin on th 18th and back to amsterdam on the 20th. is that enough time and is it worth spending a 100 euros on the train ride? My intentions in berlin is to drink, have fun and just a little sightseeing. What would you guys suggest? or should I just hang out in amsterdam for 5 days? also is munich closer than berlin?

Fall Flights for Netherlands cycling tour

I am planning a bicycling tour of the Netherlands for the fall of 2009. The idea is to rent a bike in Amsterdam and then circle around the region from town to town in a big loop. Anyway, I am trying to find cheap flights Sept. and on…though keeping the travel dates as close to early september would be best since weather will be a major issue if I leave much later.

I’m open to flying into Paris (and spending a few days there) or London and taking a train or other cheap airline to get to Amsterdam but I’m not really finding any great deals.

Mini Eurotrip 08


I am planning a trip with my husband and another couple to Europe in December. We are currently spending from Dec 10th-15th in the UK visiting family and friends, and doing some sightseeing/enjoying the nightlife in London, Birmingham, and Leicester. Everything is booked and ready to go for the UK, as I have been there before, thus know where to go and what to do!

Our next stop is booked to Paris, France. We are going to be in Paris from the 15th-20th…
I need help planning day activities( we’ve looked into a lot of sightseeing such as the Mona Lisa, Eiffel Tower…

the trip of a lifetime

hey guys first time poster long time reader

me and 3 of my buddies are planning a Eurotrip this April/may, we are planning on staying in hostels the whole trip, with the exception of a night or two in a hotel

we are planning on visiting the following destinations:

-Greece (iios and santorini, 3 days each)
-Rome 3 days
-Amsterdam 4 days
-London 3 days
-Barca 4 days
-Ibiza 3 days

were wondering how much a trip like this would cost approx., what cities are more less expensive, whether its cheaper to fly, ferry or take the train, what hostels are the best in theses cities and thei