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Making rail reservations

I just purchased a European East Pass through (for $344 CDN)
I was advised to buy first class by others who have travelled by train in Europe.
I have a few questions:
Is it necessary to buy a first class pass to reserve a first class seat on a train? (may be obvious but just trying to figure everything out)
I would like some advice regarding reservations.

1st trip

hey guys how u doin all
me and 2 my friends r coming to europ by next friday
our plan strats from frankfurt-swiss-italy-austria-munech-frankfurt
we r going to rent a car
BUT we know little about the countries
our budget is about 4000 dollars for 10—-31 of july
so where is good hostels,clean once’s,NOT AS IN YHE MOVIE OFCOURSE Smile BUT if there r same girls we wont mind Wink
so plzzz i need some tips
Dr. Abdullah

Train from Vienna to Kosice?

Hey there —

My wife and I want to travel by train from Vienna to Kosice on Monday, July 13th. Any advice as to how to best do this? I’ve been trying to research it online and have run into some difficulties. We’d like to leave fairly early that morning (8:00 a.m. or so) if at all possible.

What’s our best way? The Austrian railway? The Slovak rail? Something else? I was on the OBB (Austria) site earlier but it seems I need a BUSINESSCARD to purchase a ticket, and I’m not sure what that is or if I’ll able to do it from the States. What’s the best/fastest/cheapest method of going?

Travel Itinerary

Hello, I am currently in Iraq and am planning a trip to Europe when I get back to the states. I would leave from Washington on the 9th of September and will arrive in Germany around the 11th of September, 25 days total in Europe. I have a rough idea of where I would like to go but I want to receive input from more seasoned travelers as this is my first time “traveling” on my own and in another country. Here is what I have so far:
1. Frankfurt, Germany 2 days
2. Interlaken, Switzerland 3 days
3. Gimmelwald, Switzerland 3 days
4. Nice, France 4 days
5. Cinque Terre, Italy 4 days

Help with Eurorail!

Hello all,

So i have a big trip that i just started planning and saving for. I am going next mid april til mid june. Going to ireland, england, paris, italy, switzerland, denmark, belgium, austria, greece, sweden…2 months… most places i am staying 3-4 days but Italy and Switzerland there are about 4 cities in each country I would like to visit so I am staying in Italy for 9 days and switzerland for 14. Flying in to London, England then want to head to Dublin then Dublin to paris and all around Europe from there. Is the Eurorail 2 month pass the right choice for me?

Summer 09 Itinierary help!!

I traveling with my cousin this Summer [both female, 20/21] and am looking at putting together a basic itinerary. I’m going to on Exchange to England from September so am traveling for a while before then. We are flying into London and spending 3 wks in the UK, then spending a week in Spain with some friends. From there, we have about a month to do Europe, pretty much August. We are looking at doing;

Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France as our main countries.

10 cities in 23 days... Is this itinerary fine?

hi all,

I’ve chalked out this itinerary for 23 days in july.

It basically includes:

Barcelona- Paris- Bruges- Amsterdam – Prague – Vienna – Salzburg – Milan – Florence – Rome

Will this be too cramped? What tweaks would make it better? And how much should i be looking at in terms of budget?



Want to take a different route

I have family in Hungary that I visit at least once a year. I usually fly straight to Budapest from the U.S., but would like to try something different this year. I was thinking of flying into Germany (unsure which airport would suit my needs) and taking a train to Budapest.

Any suggestions on routes with lots of pretty scenery? Or, maybe not Germany as my landing point but another suggestion?

I don’t want to hassle with a lot of train ticket purchases, just maybe a Eurail pass to get me straight through.

11 days from Budapest to Vienna

Due to unavoidable bookings on either side, I’m landing flying from Istanbul to Budapest, and have 12 days before another booked flight from Vienna to St. Petersburg.

A rough plan was to basically split the time between Budapest and Vienna, with daytrips and a stopover in Bratislava on the way.

I haven’t noticed much positive feedback for Vienna here, and was wondering what advice there was for best using these 12 days.

I’ve got a couple of ideas for daytrips from Budapest but would like to hear other suggestions.

Paris-Paris Trip May 2009 Transport options

Starting and ending in Paris May 22-Jun 8, 17 nights. First cut plan :
1. Arrive 22nd 7 AM…direct to Rome (3N)…flight options?
2. Florence (3N)…may want to rent a car for a day or 2.
3. Venice (2N)
4. Munich (rent a car and drive to Innsbrook, Salzburg (2N), return car to Munich)
5. Prague (1N)
6. Amsterdam (2N)
7. Brussels en route to Paris if possible
8. Paris (4N)….may want to rent a car for 2 days to see countryside not sure.
Are there rental/return locations at train stations in Florence or Munich?
Which segments trains needto be booked in advance.