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Paris-Paris Trip May 2009 Transport options

Starting and ending in Paris May 22-Jun 8, 17 nights. First cut plan :
1. Arrive 22nd 7 AM…direct to Rome (3N)…flight options?
2. Florence (3N)…may want to rent a car for a day or 2.
3. Venice (2N)
4. Munich (rent a car and drive to Innsbrook, Salzburg (2N), return car to Munich)
5. Prague (1N)
6. Amsterdam (2N)
7. Brussels en route to Paris if possible
8. Paris (4N)….may want to rent a car for 2 days to see countryside not sure.
Are there rental/return locations at train stations in Florence or Munich?
Which segments trains needto be booked in advance.

Eastern Europe, December 2008-January 2009

Hi everyone! I’m planning a solo backpacking trip (my first!) for this December/January. I got a great deal on a flight to Poland so that’s my starting point. I need some pointers on where to go/avoid and also some ideas on how over-crowded my current itinerary is looking. Help?

The dates in question are 10 December 2008 – 25 January 2009 (42 days). I need to be back in Aberdeen, Scotland for the 26th as I have classes, so I need to end up somewhere on the 25th with direct air connections to Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Right now I have:

10/12 thru 11/12 – Wroclaw, Poland