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Backpacking Backpack/ Multiple Packing Questions

I had some general questions regarding buying a backpack to use during my 3 week backpacking trip through Europe.

To start off, I’m a 6“1 and 220 lbs guy. I can support a large pack for a formidable amount of time.

I’m not a heavy packer, but above average. I have a few questions about size/frame/detach-ability.

First, I will not be checking a bag so I will be using this pack as my carry-on. I know there are certain size restrictions with carry-ons, but I have seen some packs that detach in multiple spots to become smaller packs/ fanny-packs etc.

Is this the right backpack?

I am taking a 3 week backpacking adventure through Western Europe from Sept 21-Oct 13.
I need a backpack that I can check in as a carry on on a couple EasyJet and RyanAir flights. I am packing pretty light (2 shirts, 2 jeans, shoes, 3 underwear, 3 socks, 1 lightweight fleece jacket, 1 pair of under armour for the cold weather and toiletries), but I obviously do plan on buying some items over there.
I am more concerned about how comfortably the bag will carry about a 30 pound load.

Backpack or suitcase?

I’m travelling next January/ February to Europe for about 25 days and I dont know what to do regarding packing. I have a large suitcase (which is a bit heavy when is full) and Im having doubts about it since I’ll be taking trains from city to city. Then, the backpack, which is smaller and easier to carry on trains, seems the best option. Well, the problem is that I’ll be travelling in winter and Im not sure to use a backpack because I’ll be packing winter clothes, which are heavier than summer clothes, and Im rather small to carry a lot of weight on my back… so this is a big dilemma.

Another Backpack Choice question - so many choices!!

Ok so the essential question I have here is top loading vs. panel loading.

Summer 09 Itinierary help!!

I traveling with my cousin this Summer [both female, 20/21] and am looking at putting together a basic itinerary. I’m going to on Exchange to England from September so am traveling for a while before then. We are flying into London and spending 3 wks in the UK, then spending a week in Spain with some friends. From there, we have about a month to do Europe, pretty much August. We are looking at doing;

Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France as our main countries.

WFS The Dually Expedition Backpack

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the WFS The Dually Expedition Backpack. http://www.overstock…

Its crazy cheap and seems to have most of the features I’m looking for. Its a brand I’ve never heard of and can’t really find any reviews online. I’m looking for a pack that will be carry-on size with the daypack detached. Is this the right size? Any advice about this backpack or any backpacks in general is appreciated. Thanks.

Newbie in need of help! :)

Hi! So my friend and I are going on a month long trip to Europe. We are two twenty year old girls, so we would like to be safe and we would like it to be as cheap as possible. We are leaving in May. We plan to spend a month in England (around London) then go to Italy, then go island hopping around some of the greek isles. We would spend a week in each of those locations, and then the last week maybe, amsterdam or dublin or stay at one of our other locations longer.

Which backpack?

Hey everyone, I had some questions about what kind of pack you used. I don’t want ones of those big top loading hiking backpack things which look really heavy and would probably need to be checked in as opposed to carried on (due to being too long). Right now I am looking at a couple High Sierra packs on amazon, which are roughly carry-on size. They are around 2600-2900ci, or 43-47ish liters.

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