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No locker at my Rome what?

Justin and I are beginning our budget travel adventure in Rome arriving on Wednesday, October 1st. Back in late March we sent a few emails to The Colors Hotel in Rome and made reservations for 3 nights. We booked two beds in a room with 6 beds total. Yes, this means that up to 4 absolute strangers will be sleeping nearby. Not a big deal…this is part of budget travel.

Hours on the road

Hello I’m planning my first travel provably December i will go from the 12/26/08 till 01/11/09
the plan so far is visiting 4 countries
12/27/08 to 12/28/08(1)Madrid. Arrive in Madrid From US
one day just to check it out
12/28/08 to 12/30/08(2)Italy I’m thinking to fly to Rome on the on the 28th i know is 2 or 3 hours by air. then stay there till the 30th

12/30/08 to 01/01/09(3)Corfu
Then I will like to go to Greece, for new years but I have no idea the time frame from the travel from Rome To Corfu, Greece. Do anyone have a time frame???.

2009 Europe Trip

2 friends and I are planning about a 2 month backpacking trip around Europe for May-Julyish. Our list of countries we’re going to is as follows:

England, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain and France. Ireland and Scotland are also a possibility if time permits to go between England and Netherlands, if we did so we wouldn’t dedicate quite as much time to those as the other countries on our list.

We anticipate starting in London, England and working our way around in a circle from there and ending up in Paris, France. The cities we have decided we absolutely must go to are:

Backpacking in Mexico: Bamba Experience

Bamba Experience is a hop on hop off Mexico bus tour pass