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Halp :'( Rome -> Barca via train

What is the best train route to go from Rome to Barcelona? I kinda want to go overnight so we lose as little time as possible in either city, so what is the best course of action. Thanks Smile

Early flight out of BCN - what to do?

I hope this falls under the right topic, but I have a question regarding an early flight (7 AM) out of Barcelona and where I (and my boyfriend) should stay the night before.

Is it worth it to stay at a hotel that is very close to the airport (but pricey) or should I stay at a hostel instead, and take a taxi? My only concern about the hostel is that I’m not sure if I will be able to check out early enough (to get to the airport 2 hrs before my flight). Any advice? Anyone else been in this situation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Easiest or simplest way to get from Gimmelwald to Barcelona?


I am having a bit of trouble figuring out the easiest / simplest way to get from Gimmelwald to Barcelona. I don’t want it to be too time consuming. Would it be easier to take a train to a city on the way and then from there a plane to Barcelona??

Thanks in advance.

What you should know before hire a car in Barcelona

Parking around all major tourist destinations is costly (€1.5-2.5/hour, €20/day) and the spaces are difficult to navigate, as there are several classes of public parking space, with complicated rules for each class. Cars with French license plates are said to be rarely towed, but follow this at your own risk.
Having a driving map is essential – plan your route before you set off. Navigating with an average tourist map is frequently misleading: many streets are one-way; left turns are more rare than rights (and are unpredictable).

we bought our ticket

Yay we are so excited we just bought our plane ticket two nights ago. for Barcelona, We originaly were going to fly into Zurich, but this ticket was 150 dollars cheaper! yay we leave june 15 to july 21 ,2010 leave from Dallas The total for each ticket was. 1,090.00

Accommodation Barcelona

I have a double room available in my apartment in the city center of Barcelona.
For days, weeks and months.

Please contact me for more information.


10 Days in Barcelona?

Around February we are trying to take a ten-day trip to Barcelona. We are thinking though that the entire trip won’t be spent in Barcelona. I lived in Cadiz for 6 months so we had thought about going and visiting my family there, or perhaps taking a train to Madrid and splitting the time between Barcelona & Madrid.

Any suggestions?

Advices of best spot to take pics of sunset/sunrise in Paris, Barcelona, Prague and Zurich during winter


I usually take pics of sky, or sunrise/sunset (plus landscape) of each city/country I visit. Which spot are the best of:
1. Paris
2. Barcelona
3. Prague
4. Zurich

What time usually the sunrise in the morning and the sunset? They do shine during winter right? hehe … since I live in a country where the sun constantly shining during the day from 6am to 6pm, never change all year long.

Thanks a lot in advance for any feedback.

barcelona to venice

what do you think is the best way to get to venice? would it be smarter to fly than take connecting trains? thanks for your help

Travel between 7 cities around europe in 15 days.. Transportation is like a spider web!

Alright, These are my destinations really that we wanted to visit: Lyon -> Barcelona -> Florence -> Milan -> Venice -> Prague -> Amsterdam.
I posted the trip on eurotrip planner of the website on this link:

I can manage the accommodation but what I am really confused is how can I transport between these cities to the other, shall I get the global pass?.