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Driving through South West France

Hello there everyone.

I am planning a drive from Bordeaux to Aix en Provence late next week. I will be flying into Bordeaux from London before spending a few days in the area looking at some buildings (architecture research).

I am wondering if anyone can offer advice on a nice drive back to Aix en Provence. I was considering spending 2 or 3 days getting there, perhaps stopping in places like Carcassone – nice, quiet villages, (which are often hard to get to without a car).

Paris vs. Bordeaux (in summer)

I’m trying to decide between Paris and Bordeaux to study abroad

I’ll be there for six weeks in the summer from May to June.

Anyone have any suggestions or opinions?


Madrid, Valencia, Bordeaux or Tours???

Hi, I’m backpacking solo. As part of my trip I’m visiting Valencia, Bordeaux and Tours. I have the option of staying at two of the places for 1 full day and 2 nights but the other place I’ll get to stay 3 days and 4 nights (bus rules not mine!). I’m stopping only over night in Madrid – get in late, leave early. So should I stay longer at V, B or T or should I give Madrid more of a go? Which is your favourite place out of these four?
Thanks heaps in advance!