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London to Budapest in 18 Days

Hi everyone! I will be leaving for Europe for the first time on Friday (so excited!)

The first 7 weeks I’m there will be spent in Barcelona for a study abroad program. I’ll be doing my Spain sightseeing during this time.

Then I’m off to a tiny town in Sweden for a week of swing dancing, followed by a few days in Stockholm (should I skip this? I don’t know anything about Stockholm other than that’s where I’m flying out of) and a few days in London to meet a friend.

I then have about two and a half weeks before I’m meeting another friend in Budapest.

Extra time in Florence, Budapest or Mykonos?

Hello all,

I am planning a 12-day trip to Europe with two friends. We are all males in our early 20s, interested in sightseeing, nightlife, and enjoying local cuisine and culture.

Is Budapest a good city to party and meet girls?

Hi guys,

I will be travelling to budapest real soon, so wanted to know about the party scene and the night life in the city Wink

suggestions for my trip in May

I am planning a trip in May and the following is the itenary that I have come up with.Please let me know if it is workable or if there is any alternate route.I would also welcome any suggestions on the nearby places to be visited.I am planning to take Eurail and buses to travel between the places in Europe.
(Hyderabad to Frankfurt — Frankfurt to Viennna)
Vienna — 2 days
Salzburg — 2 days
Innsburg — 2 days
Innsburg to Budapest
Budapest — 4 days
Budapest to Prague
Prague — 3 days
Prague to Krakow
Krakow — 4 days
Krakow to India(I think I need to get back to Prague and then to F

Explore Italy & Eastern Europe On Line (Video + Stills)

My film “Gondola With the Wind” can be seen on the web if you have a high speed internet connection. The movie begins in Italy with Rome, Pisa, Florence, and Venice. It then features Vienna (Austria), glorious Prague (Czech Republic), Poland (including Warsaw & Auschwitz), Ukraine, and Budapest (Hungary).

This is a free, non-commercial, streaming video on the Windows Media Player. No ads and no strings attached. I still sell nothing.

Rental Car

I am starting to plan a 5 city trip to Europe for 2 weeks. Has anyone ever rented a car and traveled city to city or is the train always the way to go?

We will be traveling from Berlin-Krakow-Budapest-Vienna-Prague-Berlin.



We’re planning to take a two and a half/three week trip through central Europe, starting the weekend of Dec 18-20. Our priorities are to visit 1) Auschwitz (and, thus, Krakow), 2) Prague, 3) Budapest, 4)Vienna/Bratislava. The last week we want to visit Berlin (and a city near Berlin where a friend lives). We live in Barcelona, thus the cheapest outbound flights I’ve found (60/70 euros one way) are to either Prague or Budapest.

Europe in winter


I am planning a Eurotrip in winter *for *2 weeks. My Christmas and New Years would be spent in Europe. Currently I have my eye on paris, switzerland, prague, vienna, budapest…. However, I am aware that I would not be able to cram everything into this trip. My style of traveling is fairly relaxed and I prefer quality over quantity. Any advice regarding the better places to travel to in winter and within my tight time frame would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx heaps!

Budapest, Hungary
Travelogue Entry in Budapest, Hungary

August in Central. Europe- how busy?

First I have had most of my travel / train related questions answered (over and over) before I even asked the question about travel between Krakow-Budapest-Prague.

My main question in a general one. I will be traveling the last week of August and fist week of September (2009). Basically 3 countries I will pass through Poland, Hungary, and Chezc as I do a loop for two weeks.

Will there still be a lot of local vacation travel on the rails during the last week of Aug first week of Sept?