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Budapest, Hungary
Travelogue Entry in Budapest, Hungary

August in Central. Europe- how busy?

First I have had most of my travel / train related questions answered (over and over) before I even asked the question about travel between Krakow-Budapest-Prague.

My main question in a general one. I will be traveling the last week of August and fist week of September (2009). Basically 3 countries I will pass through Poland, Hungary, and Chezc as I do a loop for two weeks.

Will there still be a lot of local vacation travel on the rails during the last week of Aug first week of Sept?

working in hungary

i’ve been recently thinking about teaching english as a foreign language in budapest, through STA travel, but wanted to know what budapest is like, any tips on hungary and if teaching english as a foreign language is a good idea?


CETP work in budapest

i found a placement company called CETP Central European Teaching Program. Does anyone have any experience with them? For 2500$ they will take care of my visa, apartment and get me a job teaching english in budapest for the upcoming school year. The apartment is paid for and the pay is roughly 500-600$ a month. Its sounds like a pretty legit way to get to europe to live.


Help with Hostels and age

Hello All,
I am planning my eurotrip for may 2009 and i have run across a few problems.
-my friend who I was hoping to travel with bailed on me recently
-I will most likely still go alone
-I will be only 17 at the time turning 18 in august
-Will this be a problem checking into hostels? (Im going to amsterdam, berlin, prague, vienna, maybe bratislava, maybe krakow, and definitly budapest, if at all relevant)
-Another group I know reletively well offered me to join their group all 18 yrs old, would it be less problematic for me to join them or would I run into the same issues?

hostels in Vienna and Budapest?

Hi! I still can´t find any good hostels in Vienna or Budapest. Since I´m traveling solo, I´d like to be in a central/safe location… Any suggestions?

Rail from Budapest to Krakow, then on to Prague

Hi! I’m new to this board but just read an older thread about this basic question and was hoping to get some additional information. I’ll be traveling through Budapest, Krakow and Prague this summer (in that order) and am trying to get a feel for how expensive rail travel between the cities will end up being. This would be in late May 09. We would train out of Budapest on 5/27 (to Krakow) and then out of Krakow (to Prague) on 5/30. If anyone could shed some light on this for me, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for helping!

teaching english...Berlin VS Budapest

Im saving up to go back to europe this august. My plan is to hit the sziget festival in budapest in august, then valencia for tomatina, and finally octoberfest in september before trying to settle down and teaching english. I currently teach esl at the local language school in my hometown, by the time i leave i should have about 90 hrs of in-class teaching expirience. what i need to know, is where do i have the best chance of finding work and getting a visa to work and live. My two Preferences are Berlin and Budapest.

Carpe Noctem
Hostel in Budapest, Hungary

rail tickets budapest>prague

hey guys,

quick question about purchasing rail tickets.

heading to europe end of sept beginning of oct, going to hit oktoberfest then travel around a bit. we bought rail tickets through (the super savers) from munich to budapest, no problem at all. However, the next leg of our trip is rail from budapest > prague, and we are trying to figure out if we should buy tickets here on raileurope (or equivalent), or wait until we are in budapest.