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Edinburgh to Oban?

I need help figuring out the best way to get to Oban from Edinburgh and then from Oban to Glasgow. Please help! Thanks!

help getting from Zagreb to Belgrade

Hey all,

I’m planning a trip to the Balkans in June and am having a difficult time figuring out the easiest way to get from Zagreb to Belgrade. Is the bus or the train preferable? Are there night trains/buses? Is there somewhere online I can find train or bus schedules between the two? Thanks for your help, looking forward to an awesome trip!

Transport around Europe

I have not really finalised any of my travel plans. Yep laziness is one of my virtues. However I know I am going to be traveling through Spain, Portugal, Across The riveria, to Italy, Throughout Italy, then Across to Crotia and perhaps Montenegro/serbia. Depends on a few things. And I’d be going from about mid june to mid august. Maybe a bit later than that. But I need to get back by the end of August.

However, I am just running around and wondering what way to get about. I see the eurorail pass is quite expensive, and may not be cheaper as I am under 26. How about interrail passes?

Belgium Beer Tour
Other Entertainment in Brussels, Belgium

New inexpensive bus service including WiFi, DC-NYC & NYC-Boston

Taking a cue from the Mexican Deluxe coaches, there is now anew, more upmarket bus service including WiFi that travels between Washington DC and Boston, via New York.

NYC-DC and NYC-Boston for $15 (and some early buses as low as $10)