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CENTRAL EUROPE... Prague-Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest

What is the best way to go between Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest… and for the cheapest price!?

Thank you!

Ireland Advice?

Hello! I just finished my first Europe trip and I loved it! We went to six different destinations and I enjoyed each and everyone of them. But my favorite place by far was Ireland. We stayed a quick two nights in Dingle, Ireland and on the way home (we got home this Saturday haha) I promised myself I would dedicate a full trip to Ireland and explore it’s coasts and etc. My question for those who have been and toured Ireland, what was the most beautiful/fun experience or places you would suggest? Is car rental the way to go (thats what I’m thinking of doing.

What you should know before hire a car in Barcelona

Parking around all major tourist destinations is costly (€1.5-2.5/hour, €20/day) and the spaces are difficult to navigate, as there are several classes of public parking space, with complicated rules for each class. Cars with French license plates are said to be rarely towed, but follow this at your own risk.
Having a driving map is essential – plan your route before you set off. Navigating with an average tourist map is frequently misleading: many streets are one-way; left turns are more rare than rights (and are unpredictable).

Car hire Berlin airport (TXL)


I’m visiting Germany in November for a bussines meeting for a couple of days.
I will need a rental car for my visit there.. I’m arriving at Tegel airport (TXL) and I will take the car there.

I have been searching the web for the lowest prices for car hire and I came across an interesting site which offer really low prices for car hire Berlin airport.
The problem is that I haven’t heard anything about this company.

Renting a car for 3 months

hey i was wondering if anyone knows any good independant car rental companies that provide cheap rates for long term rentals. im looking for a car to travel around europe in next summer and trying to get an idea of prices. i noticed when i was interrailing last year that quite a number of people were doing this and it seems like a good idea. if anyone could help me i would be reeeeall grateful. thankss