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Car Rental

9 person, 13 night euro trip - everything planned...except transport!

So, we decided to ditch our travel agent because she was NO help. She just wanted to put us on a cruise ship. Instead, we took up the task and booked 4 nights in Munich, 5 nights in Florence and 4 nights in Rome for 9 people. So, everything is done except transportation.

It would be a simple matter of buying point to point rail tickets to our destinations, except that our group wants to do different things while we are in our locations.

American wanting to drive on German Autobahn

My friends and I will be heading to Europe next summer. On our itinerary, we are scheduled to travel from Frankfurt to Munich. I think it would be a good idea to travel this route by car (autobhan) instead of train to experience the autobahn for ourselves and to get a break from trains.

That being said, what does an American need to do to be certified/able to rent a car in Germany? Also, the high speed limit of the autobhan obviously is one thing we want to safely enjoy (being 22 year olds), but is it worth it?