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New Age Hostel Sarajevo

New Age hostel is a newly opened hostel and just like the name itself already hints something new and modern but still in a very old, traditional part of town. It is placed in the heart and centre of Sarajevo. Being right in the city center and next to the old town, but also close to the urban area, the hostel is surrounded by hundreds of bars, clubs, and cafes 5 minutes walk from Sarajevo famous Cathedral (Srce Isusovo).


I am looking for cheap flights to anywhere in continental Europe, preferably Germany, the Netherlands, France or the UK.

Departing from Phoenix, AZ. Looking to travel anytime between May-August. For a 2-3 week trip. Can anyone help me out? I’ve never traveled to Europe in it’s peak season, only in the winter, so I am having difficulty finding anything decent when it comes to airfare.


Any help or advice? :S

Hi there

Ill be staying in Hamburg for work about a month or so
but i will only get a full free weekend on the 17 of Sept (until the 19) so i was planing to make a small trip.
As i had already been in Germany before i was hoping to go to some of the near cities surrounding germany, like Prague or Rome (mostly cos of the romantic air on them) but im having a hard time finding a cheap way of travel.
I know its on weekend and been quite close to the departure date its possible that i have to travel not so cheaply but any ideas sugesstions or help would be great

Thx in advance

Is this a good/cheap price?


Sept 21
Houston (IAH) to Munich (MUC)

Oct 13
Amsterdam (AMS) to Houston (IAH)

Is this a good price to where I should buy now, or do I have time to wait a little to see if the price drops? The lowest price I saw for this itinerary was $793.

Cheapest / best tickets from Porto (OPO) to Ibiza (IBZ)?


I’ve tried to find information on the forums about traveling from Porto to Ibiza but I couldn’t find anything.

4 of us are planning to go to Ibiza for a week from Porto. Does anyone know of any airline or website that offers cheap tickets between june 4th and 11th?

Would it be better to first go to Lisbon and from there fly to Ibiza?

Any help and ideas are really appreciated Smile

Flying Munich-Spain

My friend and I are backpacking this summer and looking for a cheap flight from Munich to Spain somewhere. The cheapest I’ve found is Munich (STR) to Alicante at 6:15 am, it’s $114 on Air Berlin. I’ve also found a flight from Munich (NUE) at 10:55 am. There’s a layover in Palma Mallorca for about 6 hours, and we would arrive in Alicante at about 8 pm. This flight is $147, and it’s also on Air Berlin. My question is which airport is most convenient in Munich? And would the layover be worth it?

Eurail vs. Europass

My friends and I will be in Europe this summer for about 64 days. We’re flying into London, taking a boat to Dublin and from Dublin flying to Copenhagen. From there, we’re planning on taking trains covered by the Eurail to Berlin, Paris, Geneva, Nice, through Italy, to Greece, Split, Budapest, Prague, Munich, and then we’re spending the last 2 weeks of our trip traveling around Spain. What pass is less expensive and easier to plan with? This is our planned route, does this make sense to more experienced travelers?

Ferries Help!!

Hey, my best friend an I are planning to do a backpacking trip in northern france this summer. We also wanted to spend a few days in london and very very tentatively considering Dublin. We were really hoping to take a ferry across the channel, just for the experience, but it seems like this is extremely expensive. Does anyone have any thoughts or info about ferries (I was really hoping to go Granville to Jersey to Portsmouth) or know anything about discounts?? Thanks.


Hey everyone..
I really need a hand.. me and a friend are planning on travelling to Europe next summer (July 2010) and want to know what country/city is the cheapest to fly into from Calgary, Alberta, Canada? We would like to travel to the following places:

We cannot make our trip any earlier unfortunately (Sisters wedding).. Pls all the suggestions and help would be much appreciated..