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Ferries Help!!

Hey, my best friend an I are planning to do a backpacking trip in northern france this summer. We also wanted to spend a few days in london and very very tentatively considering Dublin. We were really hoping to take a ferry across the channel, just for the experience, but it seems like this is extremely expensive. Does anyone have any thoughts or info about ferries (I was really hoping to go Granville to Jersey to Portsmouth) or know anything about discounts?? Thanks.


Hey everyone..
I really need a hand.. me and a friend are planning on travelling to Europe next summer (July 2010) and want to know what country/city is the cheapest to fly into from Calgary, Alberta, Canada? We would like to travel to the following places:

We cannot make our trip any earlier unfortunately (Sisters wedding).. Pls all the suggestions and help would be much appreciated..


I am a first timer planning my little eurotrip this summer break. Unfortunately due to budget issues I am only able to stay 20 something days… I have originally planned for July 22nd ticket from NYC to London, and have found a ticket for $540… But I can’t decide cause I’m secretly hoping that the prices will drop or something similar…. Should I book it now or later? And will I be able to cover air travel, transportation and every other expenses for 24 days with 3000 dollars? I am confused!!!
HELP! Frown

american living in berlin. need advice!

Im an american living in berlin. I’ve been here over the allowed 90 days. I have not registered to be here. I plan on staying in europe for a long time. I need advice as to what my next step should be. keeping in mind I have limited funds.

Do cheap accomodations in Ypres, Belgium exist?

Alright, I’ve been looking online for awhile trying to find some relatively cheap places to stay in Ypres, Belgium with zero results.
Has anyone stayed somewhere less advertised online that’s hostel-ish in price? I don’t really want to be spending $60 a night to stay in a hotel room that I’m hardly going to be in and I’d rather not commute from another town.
Any suggestions =)?

Cheap Trans: Greek Islands to Cyprus??

Hi all,

I’m gonna be spending some time in the Greek Islands, namely, Ios, Mykonos, Santorini, and maybe Corfu. I’d really like to head to Cyprus after that. Can someone let me know what the best mode of transport is? The cheaper the better! I don’t mind ferrying it over.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much guys.


Culture on the Cheap in Central London

An interesting article from the New York Times travel section on how to explore London culture on the cheap –

Some deals and tips for budget travel

Hi all,
This is my blog where I am starting my travel journal. At first I am focusing on providing tips on how my boyfriend and I travelled Europe on a budget. These tips come from our experiences as well as my job in the UK travel industry. Hope you find it useful Smile