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Brussels to manchester

Hello all looking for some advise on what’s the cheapest way to get from Brussels to Manchester ? Flight or train – views / tips / advise sincerely appreciated ! travelling in the end of July 2012

Thanks and look forward

Should I buy a single country Interrail pass for Italy?


I’m travelling around Italy with a couple of friends and was wondering whether it would be worth my money to buy the ‘travel 3 days within 1 month’ interrail ticket. We’re travelling between Rome, Florence, somewhere on the coast and finally Venice. I arrive in Rome and so will have to make three longer train journeys between cities, which, from what i’ve found out, seem to cost around £45 each. The ticket is £59.

Granada to Oslo

Hi Everyone!
I am planning on going from Granada to Oslo around June 1st, 2010. It is really expensive to go from the airport in Granada so I have been thinking about taking a bus or train to another city then fly to Oslo from there. So far the best I’ve found is the bus from Granada to Malaga and then a flight to Oslo. I would welcome ANY suggestions. The most important thing to me is cost. I don’t mind longer bus rides or train transfers. I have friends in Norway so it doesn’t matter which airport I fly into.
Thank you in advance!

from east USA depart early July, stay ~ 1 month

Starting a new thread for PeterPiper and anyone else interested.

Use the tips and strategies in our new user thread, top of this forum. For example,

try this farecompare link

2nd: Take cheapest cities from there and try them here:

Last: Then take the cheapest itinerary and search it here:

Newark-Bristol July 6-Aug 6 $697 rt total.