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cheap flights from cleveland to vienna, june 2010

I’m a new user, I just found this website. I plan a trip to europe this summer and I’m looking for cheap flights from cleveland,ohio to vienna, austria. If anyone knows where and when I can get good deals, please let me know Smile Thank you in advance Smile

CALLING ALL EXPERTS- Toronto/Bucharest in July/August 2010 for 35-40 days

Calling all experts, I have been browsing the forum for a few weeks trying to discover my own deal to no avail. I have been using ITA software (among others) to find something from Toronto to Bucharest in July or August for 35 or 40 days (returning on or before Sept. 6th) for 2 people . So far, the cheapest I can find is 1031 in CAD from Aircanada and Airfrance (961USD) including all taxes and fees.

Cheapest Flights from Oklahoma?

I am leaving from Oklahoma City for Budapest sometime in June 2010. It will probably be January before I can officially book my flight, but I am wondering what is the cheapest way to go. I am graduating college in May and so I looked into the student fares, but honestly I found those to be no cheaper, and in most cases, more expensive than I was able to find on expedia, travelocity, etc. Also, would it be worth it to look for flights maybe from Wichita or Dallas? Any help would be really appreciated!

skopje for the winter from NY

I’m searching for a flight anytime after Dec 20 and returning sometime around Jan 20th (my dates are quite flexible), leaving from NYC and going to Skopje, Macedonia. I’ve been doing some research as to what the cheapest flights would be (i.e book a cheap student flight to London and then perhaps transfer?) Another option is to fly into an airport nearby such as Serbia or Greece? There are too many websites! I feel like I keep on getting the same ridiculously priced results (over 1000 USD).


Optifly is a great new tool for planning your flights. Instead of wasting hours paging through Expedia and Orbitz searching for the right flight with the right price, Expedia lets you immediately see all route possibilities and which carriers fly these routes. They even return all low cost carriers, so you won’t need to manually search those sites for options either. You can even click to compare to Expedia prices.

On top of all of this, Optifly actually maps your routes within Google Maps so you can SEE where the flights are headed.

Iberia from US? are they that bad?

Has anyone ever flown from Chicago or any other US city to Spain on Iberia. I was looking through some reviews and everyone is horrible? Pretty much every review said they were the worst airline and that they would never fly Iberia again. Any reviews, thoughts or comments would be great. thank you. Flying Chicago to Madrid and then Berlin to Madrid to Chicago.