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Bikini Club Barcelona
Nightclub in Barcelona, Spain

Harder Styles

My friend and I (both 18) are going to go on a trip to Europe this coming summer. Both of us are into hardstyle and hardcore techno, and were wondering if people could give us ideas of clubs to hit up throughout Europe. We are starting in Munich, and we are trying to find ways to get to Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, and Venice as well as trying to go to a q-dance festival if we can get tickets.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

PArty in Europe

HEy i was wondering how many of you guys are going to be in Europe this summer. I am currently in the process of planning my itinerary and it would be nice to have a few people to party with while i am out there. I am a 20 year old college student from southern california. feel free to contact my through my facebook/twitter/myspace pages. they are in my profile. or e-mil me at Just a disclaimer, I party hard! haha. also, any advice to planning my trip or advice for when im actually out ther would be greatly appreciated. =)

Need Help Planning My Senior Trip

All right…im planning my senior trip and i need some help. The cities i wanna go to are Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Madrid or Pamplona(need to know which one would be better), Barcelona, and Ibiza. i would like to know of some party hostels in those cities, great clubs and pubs and bars in those cities, and whatever other tips, tricks, and secrets you may have about those cities. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Smile