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Some direction re: Connecting flight to Croatia appreciated

Hello All,
I am more than willing to do my “due dilligence’ on a flight search. However, I seem to be stalled out by my confusion regarding connecting flights to Croatia. We will be traveling to Croatia fairly soon (mid July, leaving early August, specific dates pretty flexible as long as we don’t leave before July 13th and are back in the US by about August 7th). We would like to fly into Split and out of Dubrovnik. We are flying from Rochester NY. Toronto is a fairly easy option (free parking if we stay overnight and I don’t mind a day in the city), as are Syracuse and Buffalo.

Croatia or Nice, France???

I am planning a trip for Next year May. I plan on flying into Barcelona, Spain and coming back from London. In between I want to visit a couple of cities. Nice, France was always on the list of cities but I have been seriously looking at Croatia instead of Nice. Is this a good Idea??? I would be spending about $300 more to get to Croatia instead of Nice, is this worth it?? Croatia looks amazing…any advice??

Visit Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia & Slovenia On Line (Video + Stills)

My film “Draculas Neighborhood” presents Balkan highlights from Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovenia.

It includes dictator Ceausescu’s massive palace, fortified churches and the legend of Dracula, Orthodox Church artistic splendor, a Thracian tomb, folk dancing, Belgrade’s citadel, the destruction of Yugoslavia by Milosevic, Sarajevo’s recovery from civil war, and its splendid old town, Mostar’s landmark bridge, the walled city of Dubrovnik, Roman Emperor Diocletian’s Palace, the Postojna Cave, and scenic Lake Bled.

Croatia to Greece

I was curious what the easiest/ cheapest way it is to get from Croatia to Greece. Bus, Ferry? How much $ would i be looking at?

Restaurant in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Beaches in Croatia!

Hey, I was just wondering what would be the best place to stay in Croatia? I want to have lots of beach time and not be too far away from a decent nightlife.
Any suggestions on the perfect Croatian city?!
Thanks in advance Wink


I was wondering if anyone can help me with something.
I’m gonna be in Venice Italy and I want to make my way to Croatia and then from there to Vienna.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what’s the best way to do this? I’m SOOOO confused! I don’t even know what’s the best city to visit in Croatia… which is most practical, according to our travel route. Please someone help me, thank you!

[I will be purchasing a Eurail global pass]

Thank you!

Where to in Montenegro and Croatia

Hi i would like to know where is the best places to party in Montenegro(Kotor village) and Croatia. I’ll prefer places on the coast so during the day we can go to the beachs and enjoy.

Croatia anyone?

I’m going on a 4 week trip across Europe trying to hit Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, etc. but I really want to go to Croatia too, but I don’t really know anything about it… Can anyone help/ give info on what they did/ places to go/ people to see ? I’m probably going to stay about a week in Croatia so I need to know whats hot and whats not!
Thanks alot

Advice on trip next week needed!- SPLIT to AMSTERDAM

Next week me and 3 friends are going traveling from Split to Amsterdam (Aged 19)
Here’s where we’re planning on going…

Depart Tues 1st Gatwick

Split, Croatia for 4 days (The Silver Central Hostel BOOKED)

Bled, Slovenia for 3 days

Budapest, Hungary for 2 days

Kraków, Poland for 2 days

Berlin, Germany for 3 days

Amsterdam, Netherlands for 4 days (Flying Pig Hostel BOOKED)

Arrive back Fri 18th East Mids

Any advice on places to stay/things to see would be much appreciated, also mainly i was wondering if this itinerary is too ambitious for the timespan we are