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France Scenic Drives

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been planning my 3-week trip to Europe and thanks to some of the members here, a larger part of it is complete. I’m still in need of a few good suggestions for the best scenic drives through France. I’ll be spending 3 days in Paris and from there I’ll be heading to Nice. I was thinking of driving from Paris to Nice, taking 3-4 days and I’m trying to identify a nice scenic route to do this.

American wanting to drive on German Autobahn

My friends and I will be heading to Europe next summer. On our itinerary, we are scheduled to travel from Frankfurt to Munich. I think it would be a good idea to travel this route by car (autobhan) instead of train to experience the autobahn for ourselves and to get a break from trains.

That being said, what does an American need to do to be certified/able to rent a car in Germany? Also, the high speed limit of the autobhan obviously is one thing we want to safely enjoy (being 22 year olds), but is it worth it?

Driving through South West France

Hello there everyone.

I am planning a drive from Bordeaux to Aix en Provence late next week. I will be flying into Bordeaux from London before spending a few days in the area looking at some buildings (architecture research).

I am wondering if anyone can offer advice on a nice drive back to Aix en Provence. I was considering spending 2 or 3 days getting there, perhaps stopping in places like Carcassone – nice, quiet villages, (which are often hard to get to without a car).

Driving Trip from Paris to Amsterdam - What to see in 8 Days??

Thanks for checking out this post…

My wife and I plan on renting a car in Paris and driving up to Amsterdam. Our travel plans so far look like this:

June 17 – Arrive in Paris
June 18 – Paris
June 19 – Paris (pick up rental car) leave Paris
June 20 – ?
June 21 – ?
June 22 – ?
June 23 – ?
June 24 – ?
June 25 – ?
June 26 – Return rental car in Amsterdam
June 27 – Leave Amsterdam for Tel-Aviv (night flight so we have the whole day in amsterdam).

Any help and specific things we should be sure to see is greatly appreciated.