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How to get from these airports to the downtown area...without cabbing.

Okay so I’m flying through ryanair, (right there you can guess I’m on a certain kind of budget) and I don’t think cabbing it from airports would even be part of the budget.
Now, I basically need help on how to get from the following airports to the downtown area (i am trying to google, but I just don’t even know where to start or towards what area I should want to go).

What is best way to get from Dublin to London?

I am looking for advice on the best/most economical way to get from Dublin to London, the first leg of my trip. We will be travelling in August.

Any other suggestions, based on my itenerary, would also be helpful. I am travelling with one person from (tentatively)



Dublin to Bergen to Amsterdam


Wondering if you could provide feedback on transport to and from Norway. We are going to see a friend there after flying in from Dublin from the States. Would like it to be as cheap as possible, and wondering if this would be the best way to do it.

Explore Britain & Ireland On Line

The film “My Pub Runneth Over” presents a comprehensive journey to Britain and Ireland, including England (London, Stonehenge, walled cities & a castle), Wales, Ireland (kiss the Blarney Stone, Dublin, Cliffs of Moher), and Scotland (Edinburgh, the highlands, bagpipes & Loch Ness), plus interviews, and, of course, pubs.

The video can be seen on the web, if you have a high speed internet connection.

This is a free, non-commercial, streaming video on the Windows Media Player. No ads and no strings attached. I sell absolutely nothing.

Dublin to amsterdam

I am traveling through Europe her soon. I found that the cheapest flights from America to Dublin. I am going to bu a Eurail pass also. So my question is if I fly to Dublin, then stay for a couple days, how to I get to a city such as Amsterdam? I saw that the train is in Ireland but, do I need to pay extra to take a ferry to the closest city on the mainland that has the Eurail? How much would that cost?

Dublin / Ireland accommodation (free finder)

For anyone travelling to Dublin it is so important to reserve your accommodation in advance.

Eurotrip can help you find what you’re looking for but there is also a free accommodation finding service specializing in the Dublin area called Almara Accommodations Dublin. They find and reserve Hostels and Hotels at no charge. Any size group from 1 to 100. If people prefer they can ask for an availability search and A.A.D. will give them the contact details to reserve for themselves.