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Eastern Europe

Eastern europe, september 2011


I have never done any backpacking before, but i would like to see eastern europe at quite a low budget.
Does anyone know any nioce places to go to? I would want to go for about 2weeks, leaving from brussels.


30 Day Itinerary East Europe - Help

Hi, My fiance and I are getting married in France in June 2011. We will have around 10 days in France, then we are heading east. We have from the 14th June – 14th July, when we fly out from Istanbul back home to Australia. We thought we had a good idea of what we wanted to do, but now we’re not sure. We are not trying to do a honeymoon, we will be backpacking, but we’ll have a budget of around $100US a day, so we probably don’t need to rough it too much.

Wroclaw, Poland

Have you ever been to Wroclaw? This is one of the most magnificent cities in Poland with the amazing Market Square, beautiful parks and unique restaurants and pubs.

People who live here will make your visit unforgetable. If you still hesitate to come here visit this blog Enjoy Wroclaw

It will convince you and help with organizing the trip.

trip to eastern europe?

Next summer I’m planning on traveling through Europe with my boyfriend, and I’m interested in possibly focusing on exploring Eastern Europe in order to make the most of a limited budget but still see as many beautiful cities and have as much fun as possible. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of where to go and what to see? I have a rough itinerary but I know very little about the region and would greatly appreciate any advice. Smile

Favorite Cities in Eastern Europe?

I am planning a Eurotrip for this summer, but I am looking to spend about half of my time in Eastern Europe. At this point, I don’t know much about Eastern Europe but I would love to find some great cities to stay in. I know I’ll be starting off in Croatia…where would you recommend going from there? Let me know about your favorite places!!!

Budapest, Hungary
Travelogue Entry in Budapest, Hungary

Prague for Christmas

I am studying abroad in Paris next fall, and when my program ends, I was planning on doing a little traveling: Rome from December 18-23 (prices for hostels seem to go up Christmas Eve-New Years), and Prague December 24-26. I’ve heard Prague is magical in December, but I’m worried that things will be closed for the Christmas holiday. From the brief research I’ve done, it looks like everything will be closed on Christmas Eve, but most tourist attractions will be open on the 25th and 26th. Any advice? Should I plan to travel on the 24th and just relax and settle in?

night train prices, Bratislava to Krakow, Krakow to Prague

Hello, can anyone tell me what is the price for the night train (1) from Bratislava to Krakow; (2) from Krakow to Prague? SmileI can find the time for those trains online but not the price.Frown Thank you! Smile

Summer 09

I will be Traveling from Munich to Prague then to Budapest, what are the best/cheapest options for traveling rail or bus or a combo?

11 days from Budapest to Vienna

Due to unavoidable bookings on either side, I’m landing flying from Istanbul to Budapest, and have 12 days before another booked flight from Vienna to St. Petersburg.

A rough plan was to basically split the time between Budapest and Vienna, with daytrips and a stopover in Bratislava on the way.

I haven’t noticed much positive feedback for Vienna here, and was wondering what advice there was for best using these 12 days.

I’ve got a couple of ideas for daytrips from Budapest but would like to hear other suggestions.