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Spring Break Get-Away

Hello all!

A couple of friends and I are looking at taking a spring break trip to either Turkey & Egypt, just Turkey, or possible Turkey & Greece.

I was wondering what y’all thought about these places, I just got back from a backpacking trip and one of my big regrets is not going to Turkey or Greece, but I would also like to see N. Africa and the Mid-East. I know time is limited. So any help with places to see, good cheap activities, or possible cities to visit.

Thanks in advance!

Egyptian Wedding
Travelogue Entry

egypt, sinai, & israel winter 08/09

i am probably going to go on the birthright trip to israel this december. i would like to extend my stay and spend some more time in israel, see a few pyramids in egypt, and do a quick nile cruise, and go to mt. sinai.

the “cheap” tours i found that cover all of the above except israel, are a bit more expensive than i would like, and the dates might not work. i like the idea of traveling with a tour because im going to be alone, and just want to get in the touristy things (going to extend my stay in israel and just wander solo).