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Interrail and Eurail pass

I would like to know if someone has used an Interrail or Eurail pass. Im planning to travel across Europe during a month going trough Barcelona, Turin, Milan, Budapest, Belgrade, Kotor, Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, Prague, Amsterdam and then returning to Barcelona.
I can buy a Interrail pass but i read in the web page that you cant use it in the country were you reside. I live in Uruguay, South America but i also got Italian citizenship does this mean that i cant use it in Italy?.
In the forums in here i have read that is not convenient to buy a train pass.
What do you think?
Help please.

Need advice on RailPass: Netherlands-Germany-Czech

Hi All,

I’m going away to Europe in June for 16 days with this rough itinerary:

Amsterdam: 3 days

Dusseldorf: 1 night

Rhine Valley (Bonn – Mainz) via ferry: 2 days

Stuttgart: 1 days

Munich: 3 days

Prague: 3 days

Budapest: 3 days

What would be the best railpass to use? I’ve done some research and I think getting the regional Germany-Czech pass would probably be the most practical. Other than this pass, the only other train tickets would be from Amsterdam- Dusseldorf and from Prague-Budapest.

More importantly, how many days should I get the railpass for?

Cheap Flights? Working our way from Rome to Amsterdam

We’re thinking of starting a 2 – 2 1/2 week trip in Rome, then making our way to Italy, Munich, Paris, Brussels with a day trip to Bruges, and ending up in Amsterdam (we think that’s probably the best order, but if you have any other suggestions that’s great). We thought at first that we would just take the Eurail to every city, but the gaps between Florence, Munich, and Paris are pretty far. Also, Italy isn’t adjacent to Germany, so it couldnt’ be counted on a 4-country pass.

how do I do it?

Hello everybody, I am planing to do a trip in June/July, to 47 destinations in Europe in 12 different countrys.

I guess that the best option is a two months railpass, but I don’t understand the system. Is it unlimited trips for two months? (so I could be literally be two months over a train?)

Seems as I have to fill up everytrip I make? and also does it works for all trains in the available countrys? (high speed trains for example)

and what’s the deal with booking? should I be booking also everytime I want to travel?

what’s the policy for things you can carry in those trains?

Eurail Global vs. Select

Hello. I am 29 years old doing some traveling in Europe for fun and for work and am traveling to the following locations in the order listed:

Oct. 09 – Fly into Prague
Oct. 13 – Munich
Oct. 16 – Salzburg (overnight train to Venice)
Oct. 19 – Venice
Oct. 21 – Interlaken (overnight train to Hamburgh)
Oct. 23 – Hamburgh and then driving down to Hannover (for work)
Oct. 29 – Berlin
Nov. 01 – Fly home from Berlin

So, I have five countries and 6 train travel days. It appears as though I could get a Eurail select pass for about $140 USD less than the Eurail golbal pass.

sleeping couchette or hostel??

i’ve been reading that you can try to save money by skipping a night in a hostel, and traveling throughout the night instead. true or false?
and if true, how much does it cost to reserve a couchette on a train? how far in advance can you reserve and can you do it through germany’s deutsche bahn website, or is it best to book it once in europe at the train station itself?

Eurail vs. Rail Europe

I was wondering which one is faster & more efficiant.
I’m planning of flying to London, staying there for maybe 4 days & buying a seperate ticket from London to Paris. Around how much would this ticket cost and what company should I go with?

What kind of train ticket?

Hey there,

So I am planning to travel to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Krakow, Prague, Venice, and Madrid next spring.

I am just wondering what kind of train ticket I would need to get. I’m a little confused as to what I would need to buy.

Eurail reservations help

I have bought my train pass and have 10 days in 2 months. I know most of the in and out’s of the rail system, except have one problem. As a majority of my destinations on rail require reservations for the seats, I was wondering if it was better to purchase now, or just wait until I fly into Rome and get all the pass at Roma Termini Station. Or my final option is to buy as I go, but I am afraid the trains I need will be full. Any advice or personal experience would be appreciated. Thank you!

Newbie Eurail Transport Questions!

Hey guys!

I’ve been researching for some time about getting around europe through eurail. So far as you can see I’m traveling to about 5 different countries, which means I’m going to end up with a Eurail Select Pass. But I have a few questions:

(1) For the most part, a eurail pass is all i need to get around correct? Say for example I need to travel within the same country [Montreux, Switzerland] to [Geneva, Switzerland], a eurail pass should suffice?