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Trying to do the math for a Eurail pass

Please help! My wife and I are planning a several week trip to Europe and we’re trying to decide whether to buy a Eurail pass for our entire journey or buy individual passes for the following schedule.

EuRail Select Pass - 3 Country 5-Day - $125

I’ve done several search queries to find a thread on this topic, but I did not come across any that mentioned the sale Eurail is having starting May 12th, 2009, which is celebrating their 50th year since instating the Eurail pass.

Eurail Pass Necessary? - AMS, BER, PRG, PAR

Hey all,

Please help – this is my first ever Eurotrip! This summer, I plan to hit 5 cities in 4 countries in 14 days. Regarding transportation within Europe, here’s what I intend to do:
1) Fly out of London during afternoon to Amsterdam via easyjet.
2) Take overnight train from Amsterdam to Berlin
3) Early morning, take a day train from Berlin to Prague
4) During the evening, take overnight train from Prague to Paris.

What type of Eurail pass should I be purchasing for this journey? I am under 26 years old.

Have GlobalPass... now they want me to pay for reservations?

I’m about to head to Europe for the first time and was planning on travelling around using a rail pass. So I bought a 15 day global pass, and now I’m starting to look into the individual trains.

So for the first train I’ll be taking, from Paris to Madrid (overnight). They are asking me to pay an additional $124 reservation fee, plus $46 in booking fees (w/ raileurope). This seems absolutely crazy, I mean I understand that I’ll have to pay more for a couchette…

Eurail selectpass is enough for transportation?

First time travelers here! My buddy and I are going to Paris, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Seville, Amsterdam, and Bruges this May 25 – June 25. I want to purchase the eurail 4 country 10 days/2 month selectpass. I don’t want to fly within europe. Ten days for eurail just doesn’t seem enough for a month trip, especially since we’ll need transportation within the cities. What about travel within countries?

P.S. what’s this talk about reservations for some trains? and how do we get sleepers? are they included in the selectpass deal?


eurail use...

Hey i am travelin in july and wondering if i should use the eurail pass…will it save me money or should i just travel randomly? my thought is to travel some without than to buy it later on from munich to after…
flying to amsterdam….train to paris….possibly fly to munich….than possibly go to salzburg…than back to munich….prague than berlin and back to amsterdam
thinkin of gettin a eurail for 3 countries….so when i get to munich pick up a pass….and use it for czech and back to berlin than to amsterdam…any suggestions?

Eurail or Budget Airline


I will be travelling for 21 days across major cities in Europe in June’09: Here are the cities I would like to go to:
1. London
2. Paris
3. Barcelona
4. Rome
5. Florence
6. Venice
7. Viena
8. Prague

Transport wise, should I get the Eurail Global Pass (21 days) or would it be more cost efficient to travel on budget airline for this 21-day trip?


Canadian resident using Eurail on UK passport

Perhaps another unique question from me… I’m a Canadian citizen who arrived in the UK on May 28th. I have dual citizenship and am here on a UK passport. I’m going to travel through Europe on Eurail for a month.

Problem is that Eurail says the passes are for non-EU citizens only, which I AM (Canadian), but I’ll be using a British passport.