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MUC, VIE, ZRH, from CHS, CLT, ATL, TPA in July


This is my first post here. I usually fly to Europe about twice a year and in the past 6 years or so I have always been able to find some sort of a reasonable deal. For example, last summer we flew from IAD to MUC between June 10 and August 10 and paid $2000 for 4 tickets. When we fly out of CHS, we usually pay about $680 per ticket.

Anyways, this summer, I am not able to find ANYTHING below $800. I would like to fly between June 30 and July 10th and return between July 30th and August 10th. At least 4 weeks.

I really need to stay below $800 per ticket incl everything.

Travel party


I’ll be travelling in East Europe in June and July. Will anyone be around there by then?
I’ve no idea if there’s a way to check that on the website, but if there’s not, I can share my itinerary!

Anyway, it would be nice to meet some travelers Smile

First Timer Planning Trip - 28 Days

At this point I have made several different itineraries but this one seems to look like the one that will work the best and I would like some input. It will be my first time going over to Europe and I want to pack it all in. Is this too much? Is there a better route? What should I add/delete? I plan on taking the EuRail to most cities but what’s the easiest mode of transportation from city to city (e.g. london to dublin, dublin to paris, paris to barcelona and barcelona to rome specifically)?

Rough Draft itinerary of Europe. Help please =)

It’s my and my boyfriends ( I’m 21 and he’s 25 ) first trip to Europe so we’re really trying to suck it all in without killing ourselves. We’re not big into parties or anything and we’d like to throw in a little bit of everything… Food, beach, scenery, history, museums, mountains, city life, architecture…ect.

We plan on getting the unlimited railpass for the 21 countries so I’m hoping that a few of my rides will be overnight trains, and a few of the places along the way will just be day trips.

I just put together a rough draft of my trip to see what people thought of it.

Sail Europe + US

We are sailing a chinese junk boat from London over to Canada over the next nine months and we are looking for adventurous travelers to join us!

We are leaving London on May 1 and the route is France, Spain, Portugal over the next six months before the second leg, the crossing of the Atlantic via Bermuda, on Dec 1.

The ship is under the command of Captain Clive Hamman and we are looking for people to come for either part of the way, or the whole voyage, it’s up to you.

While aboard you will learn the basics of sailing, log your miles and obtain a diploma (not to mention seeing beautif

have a look at Zak's first euro trip and advise please!

guys help me out with hostel bookings and places to visit…i love history btw!

Help! Trying to figure out cheapest, most efficent way to travel in Europe

I am planning a 7 country trip May 4-27th. I need advice on the cheapest and most efficient way to travel between these countries.


I live in Portland, Oregon and I am planning a trip to Bosnia then Italy, unfortunately for the last week of June through the 2nd week in July, the most expensive time to travel. I love the hunt for great deals on airfare and good places to stay and all of that but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. Hopefully this question makes sense to someone.

I know that it is relatively inexpensive to fly within Europe so I’ve been looking at a wide variety of cities. I can find some decent prices to the east coast and I know leaving from there may save me some money.

help on filtering...

hello everybody!

this is my first post here, and I am looking for help from you

I am from Uruguay and I am planning going to Europe for the first time this year on June-July
I think I have a nice budget, like 100€ per day, and I can be there like around 50 days

the help I need from you, is to decide how much time should I spend in the citys I have chosen, and if you consider that I should skip one of the citys I have picked and replace it with another of your suggestion

for cheapest air ticket, I am going to Madrid, go all around Europe and coming back to Madrid, but I need to h

Eurail vs. Europass

My friends and I will be in Europe this summer for about 64 days. We’re flying into London, taking a boat to Dublin and from Dublin flying to Copenhagen. From there, we’re planning on taking trains covered by the Eurail to Berlin, Paris, Geneva, Nice, through Italy, to Greece, Split, Budapest, Prague, Munich, and then we’re spending the last 2 weeks of our trip traveling around Spain. What pass is less expensive and easier to plan with? This is our planned route, does this make sense to more experienced travelers?