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First-Time Europe

First-Time Europe (by Louis CasaBianca)

School Trip to Europe: Need Help

I am a freshman at my high school and there is a trip to Europe the summer after my sophomore year and I have to sign up soon or the spots will fill up. I want to know if this trip is worth it, from what I have read people have seen more places for more time at the same price. If anyone could advise me on whether I should go on this trip or save up and backpack through Europe after high school, it would be greatly appreciated! Oh and sleeping on trains and at hostels doesn’t bother me.

Study Abroad Tips!

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When to buy, and where to fly.

I’m a Senior in highschools who is planning a trip to Europe during the month of June, and I have a few questions about airfares. I’m departing from Spokane, Wa (GEG) and I’m hoping to fly in some where near Krakow, Poland (But I’m flexible, and willing to take the rail there).

  • When is the best time to book a flight around this time frame? ie. is March 29 better than the 1st, or is monday better than friday.
  • Where can the best deals be found for flights Europe?
  • Which airports are cheepest to fly into? (I noticed Paris seems more expensive than most)

Going to Europe? I need some help...


I’m doing a research to better understand travellers’ requirements when they go to Europe (this research is for a possible new European tourist website). Thus, I’ve created a quick 10-question questionnaire to gather more information and insights from real users throughout the world. I’m not asking for any personal information and you probably will spend between 5-10 minutes answering the online questionnaire.

You can access the questionnaire through the link below:

from east USA depart early July, stay ~ 1 month

Starting a new thread for PeterPiper and anyone else interested.

Use the tips and strategies in our new user thread, top of this forum. For example,

try this farecompare link

2nd: Take cheapest cities from there and try them here:

Last: Then take the cheapest itinerary and search it here:

Newark-Bristol July 6-Aug 6 $697 rt total.