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Good Deals from San Francisco to London (Europe)

I am graduating from a 4 year university and some of my friends and myself wanted to take a Eurotrip from late March (26th) to mid April (11-15th). I wanted to see if someone can help us with some information. We want to land in London and leave from Athens or Rome.

How much on average the ticket price is during that time?

What are the best website to look for deals?

Are the fare going to get cheaper?

What is the best and cheapest way of transportation within European countries ie. England, France, Italy, Rome, Amsterdam, Prague, and Athens.

Itinerary ideas for 1st time in Europe for 4 weeks

Hello, me and my hubby are planning our 1st big European trip in September this year.
We’re leaving from New Zealand would like to do 4 weeks which includes our time taken to get there and back.

We would like to at least be able to do London, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Venice, Florence and Rome. Will this be doable under 4 weeks? How many days would you recommend we spend in each city?
Also we’re not sure how we should travel between cities. From the little research I’ve done so far it seemed that flying is much cheaper than trains.

What's reasonable on a 4000 budget?

HELLO! A few of my friends and I planning to go on our very own Eurotrip! We’re juniors in college looking to let off some steam before our final year. I have $4000 to spend (not including airfare and a eurail pass, I’m paying for those separately and in advance) for 8 weeks of travel. Does this seem feasible to all the experienced travelers out there? We’re planning on taking trains at night (that gives us 10 free nights of lodging) and hopefully we’ll spend 4-5 nights crashing with friends we have over there.

Itinerary/Budget Opinions

Hey all,

My girlfriend and I are thinking about doing a trip through Western Europe as first timers and I wonder if I could gather some opinions about our proposed budget and itinerary. We have already found a good round trip flight into London, and are considering getting a Eurail Global Pass for transportation around Europe. Our combined budget is around $3500 for about 35 days in Europe. The budget is for accommodations, food, and entertainment. Our itinerary is very flexible. We plan on living/eating/sleeping cheaply while there and finding plenty to do without spending too much money.

Summer Travel to Europe

My girlfriend and I are planing on backpacking through Europe this summer to celebrate graduating from college. However I am new to international travel and have no idea what types of fares to expect. We plan on departing from either Seattle or Vancouver (whichever is cheapest) around June 14th and returning on August 10th to LAX (have to get back for my brother’s wedding).

wine vacation

I feel like going on a vacation in southern europe this spring with my girlfriend. We want it to be chilled out and with some cultural excursions, good food and good wine. Does anyone have a favourite place for something like that? We would like to visit some small towns as well and try the wine from the farmers on a bicycle trip for a few days. The rest of the days we would stay in a relaxed town with lots to see. We are not sure where to go though
What are your expereiences?

4 european citizens going on a EuroTrip

Hello, Three friends and I, all European citizens of different countries, are going on a Eurotrip this summer. We will leave from New York City around June 7th. Two people under 18 and two people over 18.
Our plan so far: Rome 3 days; Milan 3 days; Nice 7 days; Barcelona 4 days, Paris 4 days; Amsterdam 4 days; Berlin 5 days, Copenhagen 4 days, Stockholm 4 days; Oslo 4 days and end up in the North of Norway in Onoy (we have to be there by the 23rd of July).
Do you think we should get a round trip ticket from NYC to London, and then fly to rome?

Estimated amount of money.

I am trying to figure out how much it is going to cost me for the trains in Europe. I will need at least 1 ticket to each of these cities starting in London. Then to Either Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, and Rome. I want to know the amounts for these and whats the cheapest and fasted way to get to these cities. Also, I would like to know about much for general transportation in these cities for lets say 3 to 4 days each. Thanks for the help.

Any young people backpacking through Europe in July/August?

So I live in Europe and I would like to join some backpackers in summer. I would want to see mostly just Paris and Amsterdam (I wouldn’t go all the way).

suggestions for work

so a friend and i are planning on going to europe in the end of april. were from canada i know a bit of spanish and french and my friend knows french quite well. however we dont really wanna spend too much time in france. we plan on getting part time jobs, i have done my research and know about the work visa and got that all settled and i have enough money to support myself for one month there and we plan on stayin another 3. wheres a good place for two 18 year old english speaking girls to start off and get a job in europe.