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Summer 2010 Itinerary help

Hi all,

So my friends and I have started planning a eurotrip for this up coming semester after we all graduate. We are looking at spending ~3000 not including airfare and rail passes. Now we have picked out a tentative itinerary and were wondering if anyone has any advice on our selections so far. For example, are we trying to visit too many places in too short a time? Nothing is set in stone so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Vancouver-London/Paris in March

Looking to travel in early March, open jaw Vancouver to London, then Paris back to Vancouver a week later. Have found a price of $1050 CAD all in, on British Airways. Like this option because it is nonstop(pretty much) and don’t have to drive to Seattle, etc.

Last minute flights?

Hey all,
Not a newbie, but can’t seem to remember what email I originally set up my account with. It has been a while. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had tips for finding a last minute flight. My holiday plans have fallen through and I haven’t been to Europe in a few years. I have a couple weeks off from school coming up. I’ve been looking around, but things are pricey like I figured.

Well, if anyone has any tips for websites and such I would appreciate it!

Party Hostels in England, Ireland, Am'dam, Belgium??

I have just come back from backpacking through Australia for 6 months and i am hopefully leaving for Europe in late march, april-ish and i was hopeful that the European hostels would stand up to the same party atmosphere as i have come used to in oz like waking up at 11:00am and people already going jagerbombs in the common room and im on a super tight budget since i just came home i don’t really have enough saved up to be leaving again but i really need to get back to traveling!

So any suggestions ????


More questions about DB Bahn

I’m happy to have found this site and am desperately looking for some informed assistance.

I’m trying to do my homework for a trip next summer to Europe. My wife and I will have Eurail Passes and I’m trying to piece together our train travel between a few destinations. Here’s my situation: I am using DB Bahn to work out the trip from Brussels to Prague with as few fees as possible.

Budget Help!

Hey everybody. I have a couple of questions regarding my budget for a future Eurotrip. This will be my second time traveling to Europe but this time I will be adding many new destinations. I plan on traveling for 53 days, starting from the end of May and continuing through the middle of July.

Queens Day 2010

My friend and I are planning on attending Queens Day in April 2010 and we’re wondering what to expect. It looks like a lot of fun and we’re excited to experience the mayheim of the holiday but would love any insight on what to plan for or do, aside from wearing the color orange, which we will most definitely do. Thanks in advance! Wink

festivals/concerts Jan-June 2010

Hi! I am 21 years old, and I will be in Europe for about 6 months, based in Rome, Italy, but with a very loose schedule that allows for weekend and some weekday travel. My adventure begins in mid-January 2010 and have until mid-June 2010 to plan trips around all of Europe. I am a HUGE music enthusiast. I love all genres but I am looking for a fun, dance-friendly environment as opposed to ballets,operas, etc (I have nothing against classical music, but I am not really searching for classical concerts).

Two weeks in Europe in December

I will be traveling in Europe with my daughter in mid December for two weeks and will start and end the trip in Barcelona. I need advise on where are the best places to visit in Spain. Any small villages worth visiting? We are thinking of doing Spain and France but are open to any other suggestions. We’ve been to Italy so prefer somewhere else. I am also not sure how many days to give for each city. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Car hire Berlin airport (TXL)


I’m visiting Germany in November for a bussines meeting for a couple of days.
I will need a rental car for my visit there.. I’m arriving at Tegel airport (TXL) and I will take the car there.

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