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Two weeks in Europe in December

I will be traveling in Europe with my daughter in mid December for two weeks and will start and end the trip in Barcelona. I need advise on where are the best places to visit in Spain. Any small villages worth visiting? We are thinking of doing Spain and France but are open to any other suggestions. We’ve been to Italy so prefer somewhere else. I am also not sure how many days to give for each city. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Car hire Berlin airport (TXL)


I’m visiting Germany in November for a bussines meeting for a couple of days.
I will need a rental car for my visit there.. I’m arriving at Tegel airport (TXL) and I will take the car there.

I have been searching the web for the lowest prices for car hire and I came across an interesting site which offer really low prices for car hire Berlin airport.
The problem is that I haven’t heard anything about this company.

Warsaw and Krakow?

Anyone recommend a Hostel for Warsaw and Krakow, Poland?

Winter Packing

Hey, if anyone has any recommendations as to what specifically to pack for a trip during Winter 2010… That would be great. I have read a list of what should be packed in for winter travels, however, my trip includes from start to finish( a bit concerned about the lower Bavaria and Alps):

France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech, Swiss, Back to Paris to fly out…



Corfu Greece travel guide complete

Cheapest O/W flight LAX to North/Eastern Europe

I am trying to go to somewhere in North/Eastern Europe around the beginning of December. Most travel sites require that you choose specific travel dates and destination, but I am flexible on both. I can travel during the week and I am only looking for a one way flight because I don’t know where I will be coming back from or when. Thanks for any help.

Lisbon to Prague Help!!!

Hello all!

I am currently planning a trip next year with 3 other friends and needed some advice to aid the planning
The trip is already published on my profile and would like to know:
1. Good day trips from city?
2. Good places to stay, and cheap?
3. Cheap places to have a bite to eat?
4. Any tips for travelling in these cities and in between?
5. And any Itinarary changes you would make to the plan?

Thanks alot for your help its greatly appreciated !!!!!

Christmas Day... where?!

Where is a good city to spend Christmas? Preferably somewhere that is very likely to be snowy, and somewhere that not everything will be closed (restaurant to eat a nice big christmas dinner)…

My partner and I are heading over to Europe for Christmas time and we want to experience our first white christmas!

Euro Internships (Mograph/Design)

I’m looking for motion graphics/graphic design internships for Summer 2010. Does anyone know websites that post international internships?

Please post anything that can help me out.
Thanks in advance!