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Travel between 7 cities around europe in 15 days.. Transportation is like a spider web!

Alright, These are my destinations really that we wanted to visit: Lyon -> Barcelona -> Florence -> Milan -> Venice -> Prague -> Amsterdam.
I posted the trip on eurotrip planner of the website on this link:

I can manage the accommodation but what I am really confused is how can I transport between these cities to the other, shall I get the global pass?.

Eurail Question

For my trip I plan to utilize the “5 countries” pass for Eurail. I’ll be using Eurostar to go from London to Paris and then begin using Eurail to travel the Benelux out of Paris. When it gives me the option to select my first country, is that the first country I plan on going to (Benelux) or the first country I leave from (France [Paris])?

Also a second question: to travel from Vienna to Rome is it more economical to travel by air or train?

Thank you.

Need help!

Hi, everybpdy, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here.
So if you don’t know my story I’ll tell it again: my friends and I plan to go to Europe in a few years and want to get a head start on planning it. We plan to utilize the “Youth” discount for Eurail *and plan on staying in *hostels every night on this trip.

We added three new cities to this trip, and I’ll denote them as “NEW” in the following itinerary.

Old Town Prague
District in Prague, Czech Republic

Less is more

I’m planning a trip,and would like to keep it as minimalist as possible. I would like to hear anyone’s experience. Food for work, hitching rides,police contact, any info you are willing to share will be much appreciated. A friend and I,backpacking Germany,Czech R,Denmark,Austria,Nederland.Also info on visa for a U.S citizen in these countries?

Cheapest way from Brugee/Brussels to Interlaken... leaving in about a little over a week!!

Trying to get from Bruges to Interlaken in the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way. Been looking into train travel, and have been quite confused by the variety of apparent possibility. Also been going through the flight websites, and haven’t found anything even remotely in my range. Any advice on the best way to do it by train, or perhaps a website or company to use for flight travel, would be really really helpful. I’m leaving for Belgium next monday, and want to head to Interlaken by saturday (probably take a night train friday).

My honeymoon

Ok I have a few questions because I don’t think anyone will look at my trip. but I was wondering what a married couple can do in Europe for a honeymoon? Can somebody give me tips and or advice and anything what to do what not to do. What to look for and where to go. if i need to know locations just look at my Eurotrip plan but any help would be greatly appreciated=) Thank you so much and have a great day.

Need advice for future Eurotrip

Hi, I’m new to this so if anyone can give me feedback I’d appreciate it. OK, here it goes:

My friends and I want to take a Eurotrip in the summer of 2011, during college. You can find the itinerary and such under my username, but it is basically this:

Fly out of Boston to LONDON

I have planned it to be for 42 days, 6 weeks exactly and had some trouble coming up with a decent budget.

How to go about living?

Hey everyone,

So I have been trying to summon up the courage to do this for a long time and finally decide to depart in either October or December. I work for an internet marketing company in New york and asked for permission if I can move to europe and work remotely since i pretty much only need internet access to do my job, and they granted me permission. My apartment lease ends in october, so im putting all my stuff in storage and moving to europe. The duration is indefinite, but my goal is to see at least 10-15 countries and as many cities within each as I can.

July 2010 - Auguest 2010 - First time outside of Canada

Well, im heading to Europe for the first time next summer. Ill have 5000 to spend for a month. This will include having my plane ticket to london already booked and possibly my train tickets. Never traveled on my own before and don’t know what to expect from traveling europe. What should i expect with traveling on my own. Ill be 20 and im male, it is easy to meet people. I herd about people getting robbed on night trains.