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Travel After Effects

Some people travel well. Some people are able to sleep on planes, arrive at their destination refreshed and well-rested, ready to explore a new place and take on the world.
I am not one of those people.
I used to be able to sleep on planes, but I seem to have lost that gift!!Frown

How do you all travel bugs at EUROTRIP feel during travel??

Avingnon, Arles

I’m going to be studying abroad in Paris next fall and was thinking of taking a long weekend (3 days) in Provence. Right now, I’m thinking of making Avingon my base and daytripping to Arles. Any hotel/hostel suggestions? Is two days in Avingon too much? Would it be worth it to spend one day in each Avingon, Arles and Nimes, or is that too much?

Thanks for the advice!

Newbie Eurail Transport Questions!

Hey guys!

I’ve been researching for some time about getting around europe through eurail. So far as you can see I’m traveling to about 5 different countries, which means I’m going to end up with a Eurail Select Pass. But I have a few questions:

(1) For the most part, a eurail pass is all i need to get around correct? Say for example I need to travel within the same country [Montreux, Switzerland] to [Geneva, Switzerland], a eurail pass should suffice?

Things to do in northern/central Italy

Hey guys,
I’m planning a backpacking trip to Europe with a friend in September.
We already have tickets and all, but somehow during planning we found out that we have nearly 4 extra days in northern Italy before the flight back home.
We will be arriving in Milan on September 19th, and our flight back is from Rome on the evening of the 23rd.
We’re not sure what to do with our time there – we don’t want to stay in Milan since we already have a couple of days there on an earlier stage of the trip.
Does anyone have an idea what we can do in those days?

Thanks Smile


barcelona to madrid - is it better to fly or take a train

Is it advisable to fly or take a train from Barca to Madrid ? Also how far out is the airport if we would like to fly in both the cities ? Ideally we would like to take the option that is cheaper …..

Inputs are most welcome !


how to travel from paris to antwerp and amsterdam ?

Wanted to understand whats the best way to travel if we want to travel from Paris to Antwerp and from there to Amsterdam ? Should we book rail tickets in advance or buy rail passes or buy tickets when we reach Paris ? Again the French train system is a bit confusing as there are so many options ! Considering that the journey is small ( max 2 hrs 15 min ) we are looking at the cheapest way of travelling …

Also wanted help with travel from Barcelona to Madrid ? Should we fly or take a train – again should we book in advance or book when we reach Barcelona ?

ideas for weekend travel

Next fall I will be studying abroad for a semester at the Sorbonne and I’m looking for weekend travel ideas on a student’s budget. I have already been to Amsterdam, Nice, Florence and Venice, so, considering my tight budget, I’d rather spend my money elsewhere.


Hi All Need some advise on cool places to stay at Barcelona , Loire Valley ( France ) and Amsterdam . Would like to be budget concious however at the same time , would like if the place is centrally located , well connected.

We are looking at a double room – have a budget of approx 60 euro per night for the both of us !

Any recommendations / suggestions are welcome !



Ok, I already have a backpack, and know what to go for etc.

This is more an issue of size.

I’ve got a 90L backpack. massive to be honest. Maybe a bit too big. It was handy bringing stuff over to the UK to work and what not, but its the traveling bit that might be the trouble. Its starting to wear a bit – it is a blackwolf cedar banks – the daypack no longer connects to the main pack.

Seeing as I’m going in summer – there wont be a need for so much heavy items (like jumpers/jackets/pants.

EuRail Select Pass - 3 Country 5-Day - $125

I’ve done several search queries to find a thread on this topic, but I did not come across any that mentioned the sale Eurail is having starting May 12th, 2009, which is celebrating their 50th year since instating the Eurail pass.