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Ljubljana to Zadar, quickest and cheapest route?

Does anyone know the quickest and cheapest route from Ljubljana to Zadar?

I am happy to travel at night as this saves money on night accomodation. I will be travelling mid-week in July.

All suggestions welcome! And links would be great.



Zadar to Venice- quickest and cheapest route?

In July I need to get from *Zadar to Venice *as quickly as possible- I plan to set off as early as needed in the morning (Monday 20th July).

Is the best route a bus to Trieste and a train from there? Or does anyone know of a quicker route?

Also do you know how much it will all cost approx? I’ve tried looking online but can’t find reliable answers.

All suggestions/links welcome.



i am turning 18 next year and actually planning a euro trip with my cousin.
it will be our first time in europe.. we are so clueless. we need help with our itinerary.

We actually want to visit Italy first, then Spain, Greece, Germany, and France.

Any suggestions?
Like, how long should this trip be? around 1-2 months?
what cities should we visit?
how much money should we bring?


ski resort for beginners

Does anybody have any suggestion about ski resorts for beginners? I have a plan to visit Germany and Austria at the end of this year and really want to find a good place for my first time skiing. Thank you in advance!Smile

Travel After Effects

Some people travel well. Some people are able to sleep on planes, arrive at their destination refreshed and well-rested, ready to explore a new place and take on the world.
I am not one of those people.
I used to be able to sleep on planes, but I seem to have lost that gift!!Frown

How do you all travel bugs at EUROTRIP feel during travel??

Avingnon, Arles

I’m going to be studying abroad in Paris next fall and was thinking of taking a long weekend (3 days) in Provence. Right now, I’m thinking of making Avingon my base and daytripping to Arles. Any hotel/hostel suggestions? Is two days in Avingon too much? Would it be worth it to spend one day in each Avingon, Arles and Nimes, or is that too much?

Thanks for the advice!

Newbie Eurail Transport Questions!

Hey guys!

I’ve been researching for some time about getting around europe through eurail. So far as you can see I’m traveling to about 5 different countries, which means I’m going to end up with a Eurail Select Pass. But I have a few questions:

(1) For the most part, a eurail pass is all i need to get around correct? Say for example I need to travel within the same country [Montreux, Switzerland] to [Geneva, Switzerland], a eurail pass should suffice?

Things to do in northern/central Italy

Hey guys,
I’m planning a backpacking trip to Europe with a friend in September.
We already have tickets and all, but somehow during planning we found out that we have nearly 4 extra days in northern Italy before the flight back home.
We will be arriving in Milan on September 19th, and our flight back is from Rome on the evening of the 23rd.
We’re not sure what to do with our time there – we don’t want to stay in Milan since we already have a couple of days there on an earlier stage of the trip.
Does anyone have an idea what we can do in those days?

Thanks Smile


barcelona to madrid - is it better to fly or take a train

Is it advisable to fly or take a train from Barca to Madrid ? Also how far out is the airport if we would like to fly in both the cities ? Ideally we would like to take the option that is cheaper …..

Inputs are most welcome !


Traveling Naturally and Green Earth Guides

Based on the travel guide, Green Earth Guides, this website gives great tips and Information for Ecologically and Health Oriented Travelers Who Wish to Leave a Small Footprint