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loire valley from Paris suggestions

Folks , would like to have an idea of how to plan a visit to the Loire Valley from Paris ?
1) How does one get there ?
2)How many days according to you should be sufficient ?
3) What all can be done in Loire valley ? We are keen to see some vineyards and some castles , but would not like to overload this as well !
4) Would like to be budget concious here and hence would welcome any tips

Look forward to your views and advise !


Help Required !
We are planning a 15 day trip to Europe in Early September. The countries and cities in our wish list are Italy ( Venice , Florence ) ; France ( Paris and some nearby areas ) ; Germany ( Hamburg , Munich ) and Spain ( Madrid , Barcelona ) .
Now the problem – we are aware that all these cant be done in 15 days ! What would you recommend our agenda should be ; and also is September the right time to travel ?
Look forward to your comments !Smile


Hey guys,

Just booked a cheap flight to Porto from the 12th June. The aim is to get around to Pamplona by the 5th.

All I am after is a bit of information for the Portugal leg of my trip at the moment. So far my plan is:
Porto, Lisbon and Lagos/Sagres/Faro. Staying in each place for 3 or 4 days. And I will probably be traveling by train or bus. I hear buses are quicker in Portugal than the trains.

Is there any things I should definitely see there? In those cities. I really want to see the Stunning cliffs down in lagos. But is there anything else worthy of seeing.

Interesting ideas for travel

Found interesting ideas on :
also you can read what it was like backpacking in Europe in 1991, on this blog:

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Schengen Visa Question

Hey all,

Just wanted some form of clarification on the Schengen Visa.

Now I’ve been working in London for a few months and as I am a teacher, I’ve taken some holidays over in Europe. The first being on the 16th Feb in france.

Now I just need a bit of information, some people have told me its 90 days straight up and others say the 90 out of 180.

I read the article that is on the site, but just wanted a bit of help in planning my summer trek.

I leave on the 12th June, and that gives me about a month around Spain and Portugal before going to Italy.

Age of Travelers

Four friends and I planning a eurotrip for this summer. We are all eighteen years old except one who’s birthday is during the trip. Will our age difference put us out of place or limit our experience? Are there many travelers our age?

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