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how to travel from paris to antwerp and amsterdam ?

Wanted to understand whats the best way to travel if we want to travel from Paris to Antwerp and from there to Amsterdam ? Should we book rail tickets in advance or buy rail passes or buy tickets when we reach Paris ? Again the French train system is a bit confusing as there are so many options ! Considering that the journey is small ( max 2 hrs 15 min ) we are looking at the cheapest way of travelling …

Also wanted help with travel from Barcelona to Madrid ? Should we fly or take a train – again should we book in advance or book when we reach Barcelona ?

ideas for weekend travel

Next fall I will be studying abroad for a semester at the Sorbonne and I’m looking for weekend travel ideas on a student’s budget. I have already been to Amsterdam, Nice, Florence and Venice, so, considering my tight budget, I’d rather spend my money elsewhere.


Hi All Need some advise on cool places to stay at Barcelona , Loire Valley ( France ) and Amsterdam . Would like to be budget concious however at the same time , would like if the place is centrally located , well connected.

We are looking at a double room – have a budget of approx 60 euro per night for the both of us !

Any recommendations / suggestions are welcome !



Ok, I already have a backpack, and know what to go for etc.

This is more an issue of size.

I’ve got a 90L backpack. massive to be honest. Maybe a bit too big. It was handy bringing stuff over to the UK to work and what not, but its the traveling bit that might be the trouble. Its starting to wear a bit – it is a blackwolf cedar banks – the daypack no longer connects to the main pack.

Seeing as I’m going in summer – there wont be a need for so much heavy items (like jumpers/jackets/pants.

EuRail Select Pass - 3 Country 5-Day - $125

I’ve done several search queries to find a thread on this topic, but I did not come across any that mentioned the sale Eurail is having starting May 12th, 2009, which is celebrating their 50th year since instating the Eurail pass.

loire valley from Paris suggestions

Folks , would like to have an idea of how to plan a visit to the Loire Valley from Paris ?
1) How does one get there ?
2)How many days according to you should be sufficient ?
3) What all can be done in Loire valley ? We are keen to see some vineyards and some castles , but would not like to overload this as well !
4) Would like to be budget concious here and hence would welcome any tips

Look forward to your views and advise !


Help Required !
We are planning a 15 day trip to Europe in Early September. The countries and cities in our wish list are Italy ( Venice , Florence ) ; France ( Paris and some nearby areas ) ; Germany ( Hamburg , Munich ) and Spain ( Madrid , Barcelona ) .
Now the problem – we are aware that all these cant be done in 15 days ! What would you recommend our agenda should be ; and also is September the right time to travel ?
Look forward to your comments !Smile


Hey guys,

Just booked a cheap flight to Porto from the 12th June. The aim is to get around to Pamplona by the 5th.

All I am after is a bit of information for the Portugal leg of my trip at the moment. So far my plan is:
Porto, Lisbon and Lagos/Sagres/Faro. Staying in each place for 3 or 4 days. And I will probably be traveling by train or bus. I hear buses are quicker in Portugal than the trains.

Is there any things I should definitely see there? In those cities. I really want to see the Stunning cliffs down in lagos. But is there anything else worthy of seeing.

Interesting ideas for travel

Found interesting ideas on :
also you can read what it was like backpacking in Europe in 1991, on this blog:

Travelogue Entry in Brugge