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Bus vs. train vs. my budget

Hi, I am looking for a way to get from Prague to Bruges, hopefully with the price being low, and ideally on a night bus/train.
I looked it up and I believe I will have to make a switch in Brussels, but if anyone else has anymore information that would be greatly appreciated.
Also I am looking for any trips, tricks, or advice for the remainder of my trip in regards to transport and the usefulness of of EuroPass in it.
Thanks in advance

Question about my trip

I’m going from Paris to Amsterdam to Berlin to Prague to Munich to Paris so should I just buy a Europass for 15 days, which will allow me to get all those places with no problem, right?

Also, should I book all my hostels in advance or should I just book my first night in each place or just book for Paris both times I am there?

Thanks for the help.

help me to plan-out tranport ideas

i was hoping someone could help me plan out what kind of transport should i take during my trip, i had been searching for the best and suitable way but turn out at the end, my mind was mix like a salad. there are different opinions as i read more.

i’ll b starting/ending my journey from either venice/ krakow. the countries which i would like to go are :
1) amsterdam
2) prague
3)edinburgh (or should i change it with copanhagen?)
4. i need ideas…

date of travelling : 4th JULY – 14 JULY.

Travel from Paris to Switzerland

I will travel to Paris, Rome, Venice and Switzerland between 17th oct to 24th oct.
Can you suggest the best and the cheapest way to travel? i would like to enjoy the scenic beauty in the transit, if that doesnt come for an additional cost.
Should i opt for Eurorail.

Amsterdam to Interlaken

By train what is the best way to get to Interlaken from Amsterdam?