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Need some advice for Eurotrip 2013

Hi! My friends and I are planning an eurotrip for September 2013. It’s a long time from now what we want to know how much money we should save and to have a proper itinerary. So I need some help deciding on the budget and on the places we should visit (and for how many days) Smile

One month, traveling by train with eurail pass & we’re flying from Israel.
So far the plan is:
Spain – Madrid, Barcelona & Costa Brava region.

Help With My Itinerary Please!

Alright, so I’m planning my first Eurotrip for summer 2012. I’ll be leaving from Reno, NV, US with $4500 for anywhere from 19 to 30 days. Airfare to and from Europe is not included in the budget. So far I’m planning on going to:

Dublin: 3 days
Edinburgh: 3 days
Glasgow: 2 days
Inveraray: 2 days
Paris: 3 days
Prague: 3 days
Amsterdam: 3 days

I’m into History so I like cathedrals and historic sites, but I also love me a pint, so I would like a balance between sightseeing during the morning and afternoon, and hitting some pubs and nightlife during the night.

Help with finalizing a 25 day itinerary

Hey everyone,

I will heading out to Madrid on the 31st with a friend after flying out of JFK (New York). We’re both college students (19-20) on low budgets but looking to get the most out of this rare opportunity. For the most part, we have a general itinerary setup but would greatly appreciate help in tweaking it. The major concerns we have with it are: Are we being overly ambitious with locations and not going enough justice to them? If so, what can be cut/reduced/added?

What recommendations would you make for travel?

First Eurotrip

Hey all,

I am graduating from college this year and I would like to treat myself to a Euro-trip. I am really excited and would like some feedback on the trip I have created. I will be flying into London , going to the Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Rome, Florence, and Venice Italy, Barcelona and Madrid Spain, Paris and I will be flying out of London again. I will be in Europe for 35 days and I have a budget of $5,000 American dollars for two people. The Euro Trip meter is telling me the trip is very feasible. What do you guys think?

Euro trip-March 2012

Hello Everyone!

I am plannig my first Euro Trip, starting 1st march 2012- 22nd march 2012.

Fly into London- 4 days- ferry/fly to
Amsterdam- 3 days – fly to
Budapest- 2 days – road/rail to
Bratislava – 1 day – road/rail to
Vienna- 2 days – road/rail to
Prague- 3 days- road/rail to
Dresden – 1 day -road/rail to
Berlin – 3 days – Fly to
St. Petersburg – 3 days fly out

Total – 22 days!
Budget: Approx $ 3000 pp
We will be 4 of us travelling together!

Please advise on Eurotrip budget

I hope in the future they make a forum for budgeting and monetary purposes, but until then, I this works just fine. I plan on going with two of my buddies to Europe in May 2012 for 37 days, and I’m curious to exactly how much we each need to save up. My budget so far is:

$1400- Flight to Dublin and from Madrid
$800- Eurail Pass
$150- Backpack
$740- Food ($20 p/day x 37)
$800- Hostels ($25 p/night avg. x 33)—-Staying with friends for few days
$700- Spending Money

Total- $4,590

Please let me know if this budget is too high or low so I can begin saving accordingly.

Suggestions for my eurotrip itinerary

Hello guys, How are you today?

I am planning to go to Europe this summer for one month (4 weeks) I have the following itinerary but I need suggestions by you of the amount of days per city and adding/removing places. Maybe a little town around could be a good option also. what do you think of my plan? I am really excited because it would be my first travel to Europe. By the way, I will bring with me 3.000 US$ (I need to pay the train pass with it) plus airplane ticket.

five weeks in europe, what to do?

a friend and I bought round trip tickets to and from london from the end of May to July 7th. were 20, have a $5000 budget (which we dont plan on totally spending!), and are looking for a cultural/natural experience (forests, fjords, countryside etc). we’re open to any suggestions!!

Please help me plan my first eurotrip :D

Hi everyone!

I’m planing my first Eurotrip and I’ve made a list of the places I wanna go to so far. I’ve got about 32 days for this trip starting in May. In June I start Law school so this might be my last chance at freedom for a long time.

I’m 23 years old, male, and adventurous. I love outdoor activities, partying, and also sightseeing (museums, landmarks, etc…)

Please help me narrow the list down to the top 10 or 11 places to go. I figure that’ll give me about 3 days per place, give or take. I’m traveling alone also. Anyway, here’s the list:


help on filtering...

hello everybody!

this is my first post here, and I am looking for help from you

I am from Uruguay and I am planning going to Europe for the first time this year on June-July
I think I have a nice budget, like 100€ per day, and I can be there like around 50 days

the help I need from you, is to decide how much time should I spend in the citys I have chosen, and if you consider that I should skip one of the citys I have picked and replace it with another of your suggestion

for cheapest air ticket, I am going to Madrid, go all around Europe and coming back to Madrid, but I need to h