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Spain to Morocco

I am considering a trip from Spain to Morocco in March. i was wondering if anyone has made this trip and if you may have any tips. I’ve just begun considering this and I’ve looked at a couple ferries. So, if you’ve made this trip, I would appreciate any tips.
What is the best departure location?
Best ferry service?

Thanks in advance!!

Should I get the 3 months Eurail Global Pass?

I’ll be traveling from April to June 2012 for a total of 75 days.

taking the ferry across the adriatic sea

Hello everyone,
I’m planning on booking blueline ferry tickets to take me from Ancona, Italy to Split, Croatia. Now i have the option of going with “seat” or “deck” when booking my ticket. Apparently “seat” guarantees you a seat on the ferry, but with “deck” you don’t have a seat at all but just a space on board.
Now my question is, if i go with the deck option, i wont actually have to stand the whole time will I? It’s a 7 or so hour ferry ride and i’d rather not have to stand the whole time to save a few bucks lol.

Ferry Question

I’m traveling across quite a bit of Western Europe next summer, and I’ve added a stop in Palma de Mallorca. I’d ideally like to take a ferry from our previous destination (Naples) to palma and then a ferry (3 days later) from Palma to Barcelona. I’ve found a ferry from Palma to Barcelona, but I’m having an issue finding a ferry from Naples to Palma — but I really swear I could’ve seen one before…any tips or ideas here? Thanks in advance.

Port of Rafina
District in Rafína, Greece

Ferry from Barcelona to Rome

Hey guys, I’m gonna be taking a ferry from Barcelona to Rome, and was wondering how this process goes down. I’m traveling with a buddy of mine and it’s our first eurotrip. I found the website (…), and I know which Ferry I’ll be taking (Grimaldi Lines, Barcelona – Civitavecchia) but I’m not sure how the payment goes down.

We purchased the Eurail Youth Pass (8 days, 4 countries), and I think we’re supposed to get some sort of discount on Ferry Rides. Basically, do I preoreder the ticket online and have it shipped to my house?

Where to go in Spain?

My best friend and I are planning a Eurotrip from May25-June25. When will be going from Italy to Spain, I was thinking of taking the train from Rome to Barcelona through France. Here are my two questions:

1. Is it reasonable to take that train ride? I have gotten the eurail 4 country selectpass by the way (france-italy-spain-benelux).

2. Where are your favorite places to see in Spain? We will be there for about 10 days.

I appreciate any info you’ve got to give. Smile

Spain to Mykonos.. Help anyone?


I desperately need to know the best and cost efficient way to get to mykonos from Spain.
I will be attending Benicassim Festival in July and i have friends that will be in Mykonos in August.

Anyone know the best way from Spain to mykonos that wont cost an arm and a leg, and bypassing some cool places in europe?

Thanks for the help guys.