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if anybody is thinking about going to Oktoberfest Do it! It is the best festival I have been to in Europe! Check out Stoke Travel ( They do awesome trips (I went with them last yeat and doing the same this year). Great price, great vibe and 5€ unlimited beer and sangria each day!!!

Any special events going on in early August?

I’m hoping to go to Europe for about 2 1/2 weeks the summer of 2011, from the very end of July to almost halfway through August. I’ll be going with two friends (we’ll be 18-19 years old) and I was wondering about any special festivals or events that will be going on that we should try to see.

So far we’re thinking of going to Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, and probably Florence, Munich or Berlin, and London. I also think Brussels sounds really cool. Is there anything going on near any of these places?

Also, on an unrelated note, what is the point of the eurotrip points? I can’t figure it out.

festivals/concerts Jan-June 2010

Hi! I am 21 years old, and I will be in Europe for about 6 months, based in Rome, Italy, but with a very loose schedule that allows for weekend and some weekday travel. My adventure begins in mid-January 2010 and have until mid-June 2010 to plan trips around all of Europe. I am a HUGE music enthusiast. I love all genres but I am looking for a fun, dance-friendly environment as opposed to ballets,operas, etc (I have nothing against classical music, but I am not really searching for classical concerts).