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first time

First Europe Trip...questions out the wazoo


Just in the early stages of planning a trip to Europe next September. It will be me and my husband going on a delayed honeymoon…thinking between 30-40 days (planning for 32 but if people have recommendations we want to be flexible). We are planning to budget $11,000.

Italy Trip for friend

A good friend of mine has recently been informed by her parents that they will give her a plane ticket to Italy (her top choice for destination) for her college graduation. She won’t graduate until at least mid/late-2012, possibly not until spring 2013, so the trip is not any time soon (probably May/June 2013). I would just like to get some ideas for her on stuff to see and do. She asked me for ideas, since I am one of the few people she knows that has traveled internationally, but I’ve never been to Italy so I have few recommendations for her.

The New Backpacker's Guidebook

Hi everyone:

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is 22 days enough???

hi…my boyfriend and i are pretty experienced travelers but this is our first time in inter railing through Europe and we want to see as much as possible…we have a route which we think will be a tight squeeze but still will get to see alot!! we r going in august and understand that this will be the busiest time to go….but we love the summertime!!! and it will be both our birthdays!!
we both love museums, famous buildings, and beautiful views, we love a good party but this isnt the main focus of our trip!!!

Our First Trip

My cousin and I are planning our first trip to Europe (hopefully Spain, Italy, France, and Ireland) and it will just be the two of us girls. We are leaving from the US sometime this summer and want to stay for about a month but we’re kind of overwhelmed and don’t really know where to start! We’re looking for advice on anything and everything to do with planning, where to stay, and what we have to see while we’re there. Please help us backpacking virgins!

First-Time Europe

First-Time Europe (by Louis CasaBianca)