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Hey everyone..
I really need a hand.. me and a friend are planning on travelling to Europe next summer (July 2010) and want to know what country/city is the cheapest to fly into from Calgary, Alberta, Canada? We would like to travel to the following places:

We cannot make our trip any earlier unfortunately (Sisters wedding).. Pls all the suggestions and help would be much appreciated..

Cheapest way from Brugee/Brussels to Interlaken... leaving in about a little over a week!!

Trying to get from Bruges to Interlaken in the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way. Been looking into train travel, and have been quite confused by the variety of apparent possibility. Also been going through the flight websites, and haven’t found anything even remotely in my range. Any advice on the best way to do it by train, or perhaps a website or company to use for flight travel, would be really really helpful. I’m leaving for Belgium next monday, and want to head to Interlaken by saturday (probably take a night train friday).

Munich to Phoenix in July! Is a cheap flight even possible?

Hey everyone,

I´m looking for a cheap round trip flight from Munich to Phoenix. I know July is a bad time to fly, and all I´ve been able to find is flights for around $1100. I´m looking to leave around July 7th and come back around the 26th, but my travel dates and times are EXTREMELY flexible, so anything around then should work. You guys are always great at finding cheap flights, so thanks in advance for the help!


Optifly is a great new tool for planning your flights. Instead of wasting hours paging through Expedia and Orbitz searching for the right flight with the right price, Expedia lets you immediately see all route possibilities and which carriers fly these routes. They even return all low cost carriers, so you won’t need to manually search those sites for options either. You can even click to compare to Expedia prices.

On top of all of this, Optifly actually maps your routes within Google Maps so you can SEE where the flights are headed.

A New Flight Routes Tool

A friend recently sent me a link for a site called Optifly, which shows possible flight routes in Google Maps. I’ve never seen anywhere else that does this, and it’s pretty cool. You can even download the Google Earth plug-in and look at your flights in 3d.

Actually, the best part is that Optifly shows low-cost carriers AND links to Expedia. It shows you all of the possible flight routes, and not just the ones that Expedia and Orbitz want to show you.

London to Delhi to Bhubaneswar

Departture: London Heathrow to Delhi International then proceeding to Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India
Travel dates: Between March 1st/2nd/3rd 2009
Return: Between Mar 28th, 29th 30 31st , 2009

Anyone flying in those areas?

Fall Flights for Netherlands cycling tour

I am planning a bicycling tour of the Netherlands for the fall of 2009. The idea is to rent a bike in Amsterdam and then circle around the region from town to town in a big loop. Anyway, I am trying to find cheap flights Sept. and on…though keeping the travel dates as close to early september would be best since weather will be a major issue if I leave much later.

I’m open to flying into Paris (and spending a few days there) or London and taking a train or other cheap airline to get to Amsterdam but I’m not really finding any great deals.