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Unexpected delights in Florence
Travelogue Entry in Florence, Italy

1 Month in Europe (Oct 2008)

It has been a bit of a whirlwind in regards to what trip I am going to do this fall. I was originally planning on hitting just Croatia, but now my trip has been extended giving me enough time to do a real tour of Europe.

This is the path I was planning on taking. I am going to be there for about 4 weeks (maybe 5 weeks if I need to).

Quick overview:
Amsterdam (2 days)
Brugge (2 days)
Baden-Baden (1 or 2 days)
Munich (3 days)
Salzburg (1 day)
Venice (2 days)
Rome (2 days)
Florence (2 days)
Nice (or there abouts) (2 days)

Explore Italy On Line

My film “Gondola With the Wind 2” can be seen on the web if you have a high speed internet connection. The video features Rome, Florence, Venice, Pompeii, Capri, Pisa, and many other parts of north and south Italy.

This is a free, non-commercial, streaming video on the Windows Media Player. No ads and no strings attached. I sell absolutely nothing.

My video site is:


Viva Italia!

The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer

Barcelona & Italy Itinerary - 2 Weeks in December

Over December, my wife and I will be taking a dream trip for us for about 16 days in Spain and Italy. Here is our rough itinerary.

Friday Dec 19 Fly to Barcelona

Saturday Dec 20 Arrive in Barcelona mid-day

Sunday Dec 21 Barcelona

Monday Dec 22 Barcelona

Tuesday Dec 23 AM Flight to Venice/Venezia

Wednesday Dec 24 Venice/Venezia PM Train to Vernazza – 394 Kilometers

Thursday Dec 25 Vernazza

Friday Dec 26 AM Train to Florence/Firenze – 179 Kilometers

Saturday Dec 27 Florence/Firenze