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Cheap eats in Berlin

Anyone know of any good cheap restaurants in Berlin. When I lived in Amsterdam I remember they have these squat restaurants where you could have a 3 course meal for about 12 euros, would have thought there would be something similar in Berlin, any ideas?

A Windermere Restaurant Tour
Travelogue Entry in Windermere, United Kingdom
The food and produce of Pembrokeshire, Wales
Travelogue Entry in Haverfordwest, United Kingdom
Spanish Food - San Leandro Tapas

panish food, The concept of tapas, is as much about food as entertainment.In Spain it is almost a lifestyle. A tapas evening is a wonderful opportunity for people to spend a night out


In a conservative budget, how much should I expect to spend on food on daily basis? Any tips on how to save money on food?

Food In Eurpoe

I could not find anywhere on this sight where it talked about food. I am going to be going to London, Paris, and Amsterdam. I would like to know how much roughly i would be spending on food per day in each city. If someone could give me a low end amount and an high end amount. My friends and i will probably be drinking a lot of beer. Maybe add that into the cost. Thanks for the help.

What are your favorite places in spain?

What are the best cities to visit in Spain? What are your favorite cities and why? What are some good small and less touristy cities?

13th Note Cafe
Restaurant in Glasgow, United Kingdom

London to Venice

Hey everyone,

If I’m travelling from London to Venice, what are cool places to stop along the way (without too much of a detour) to see?

This is my first trip to Europe, and I want to absorb as much as possible. Smile