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Skiing in Isola resort.

I’m writting just to share my experience.
Last week I returned from my trip to France, Nice. We visited the skiing resort Isola which is lacated 90 km from Nice. We had a great time there and we decided to go there someday again.

If someone has been to this resort you can write about your experience there.

Winter Packing

Hey, if anyone has any recommendations as to what specifically to pack for a trip during Winter 2010… That would be great. I have read a list of what should be packed in for winter travels, however, my trip includes from start to finish( a bit concerned about the lower Bavaria and Alps):

France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech, Swiss, Back to Paris to fly out…


Transportation in/around Europe

I’ve been researching various Eurail, Eurostar, etc… tickets/prices/destinations. Frankly, it’s all starting to confuse me. I need help in picking the best means of transport. This will be my first time in Europe and I’m trying to work under a budget. If anyone has traveled in & between the countries I’ve listed, I’d appreciate any advice. I’m going to the following cities in this order: Amsterdam, Paris, London, Dublin, Amsterdam (again).

Monet's Gardens
Museum in Giverny, France

Best place to snowboard in Europe

My beau and I are traveling to Europe for the Holidays. We’ll be spending Christmas in Prauge, and New Years in Munich. We are also traveling in Switzerland, France, and possibly Austria. We have a Eurorail pass and would like to snowboard one or two days. Any suggestions? Possibly somewhere our passes would cover? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

reccommended hostels in Marseille??

Can anyone recommend a hostel in Marseille? I haven’t found very many options any ideas would be great

A question about the most convinient way to travel these places?

Okay, so here I am planning a second trip next summer. Ideally, I’d be traveling 3 to 4 months this time.
In that time, I’d love to visit Switzerland, Autria, more of France, and Czech Republic, Greece.
What would be the most convient way to do that(and the cheapest) I’d love to visit the capitals and also beautiful little towns that I may not know about yet. Is the global pass a good option? And also, what option would I take, I’m a bit clueless when it comes to eurorail passes.

6-7 Days in France and Spain


I am newbie to this forum. I am visiting UK in October for 2 weeks. I will stay with friends in UK and we are planning to go for 6-7 days in France, Spain and even Portugal.

I am looking for suggestion on my trip and transportation. Here is my initial idea:

1. Fly from London to Paris, spend 2 days
2. Take train from Paris to Barcelona, spend 2 days
3. Take train from Barcelona to Madrid, spend 2 days
4. Take train from Madrid to Lisbon, spend 1 day
5. Fly from Lisbon to London

Shall I buy a regional train pass? Any other interesting places along the journey?

Travel Budget Calculator

Hey I found this on’s France Travel site but you could obviously use it for an entire trip, not just to France. It’s pretty cool. You put in how much you are planning to save at the top, and then there’s an itemized list of things where you type how much you are planning to spend on each thing (accommodations, food, souvenirs, rail travel, airfare, etc) and at the bottom, it calculates how much you have left over (or if you’re in the red, it gives a negative number).
Check it out!

Planning Group Eurotrip, Help Please!!!

Hi everybody.
My friends and I are planning a eurotrip and we need help finding private rooms at either hostels or apartments that can house from 4 to 6 people. We are going to Prague, Berlin, Paris, and Barcelona, and we plan to stay 6 or 7 nights in each place. If anyone knows of any comfortable places where we can stay in private with our own bathroom, could you please recomend? I appreciate it.
P.S.—We may want to bring women back with us at the end of a nice night, so preferably a place that looks half decent.