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Europe in winter


I am planning a Eurotrip in winter *for *2 weeks. My Christmas and New Years would be spent in Europe. Currently I have my eye on paris, switzerland, prague, vienna, budapest…. However, I am aware that I would not be able to cram everything into this trip. My style of traveling is fairly relaxed and I prefer quality over quantity. Any advice regarding the better places to travel to in winter and within my tight time frame would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx heaps!

2-3 week trip and hopefully seeing lots !

Basically I have 2-3 weeks to try and see as much as I can without be blind sighted by Europe ! I wanna know what would be the best destinations- most plausible and as many as you see fit for this time frame. I’ve heard 3 cities but I like to seemore than that while I“m there. I don’t need to conquer the city per say maybe just spend 2 or 3 days given what the city has to offer. PLEASE PLEASE HELP THIS IS MY FIRST OVER ! I don’t see getting this amount of time off work again for some time and want to make it worth my wild ! – Thanks
Jamie Wink

Can anyone help me?

I’ll be backpacking with a few friends in the middle of next year.

yeaah, i know is soon but we wanna get stuff really organized.

i hope anyone could give me some tips and stuff bout places we should go.

we want places with boose, people and music.

not too much, right? hahah


Hostel in Angoulême

French Riviera - Relais de Font Mourier

I’m going with my family in the french riviera and we are going to stay at Relais de Font Mourier, in Cogolin. It seems it’s a good starting point to explore the surrounding cities and areas and moreover it has lots of services and the swimming pool if one day we’ll be tired and just want to relax. What do you think? Anybody has ever stayed there?

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best way from barcelona to florence ?

This will be my first European trip
I’m just wondering what the best way to get from Barcelona, Spain to Florence, Italy ?
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !

while we are on the topic of travel times and best routes what about from Paris to Barcelona ? Would it be best to take the rail or fly ( I’m only dealing with about 15 days total trip time and about 6 destinations ) Wink Smile

Eurail Question

For my trip I plan to utilize the “5 countries” pass for Eurail. I’ll be using Eurostar to go from London to Paris and then begin using Eurail to travel the Benelux out of Paris. When it gives me the option to select my first country, is that the first country I plan on going to (Benelux) or the first country I leave from (France [Paris])?

Also a second question: to travel from Vienna to Rome is it more economical to travel by air or train?

Thank you.

Need help!

Hi, everybpdy, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here.
So if you don’t know my story I’ll tell it again: my friends and I plan to go to Europe in a few years and want to get a head start on planning it. We plan to utilize the “Youth” discount for Eurail *and plan on staying in *hostels every night on this trip.

We added three new cities to this trip, and I’ll denote them as “NEW” in the following itinerary.

My 2011 itinerary

ok, first look at my itinerary 2011 Senior Trip

next, I need advice on what cities to go to. What city should i spend longer in: barcelona, madrid, or a what other spanish country?

Spain, France, Germany, Amsterdam, Italy. What to eliminate?

Me and my friends are taking a summer trip to Europe. We were planning on going to France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Amsterdam. Yet, it seems hard to fit all these countries in a fluid foward travel motion. What is a good order to travel through these countries, and what countries should we eliminate? We can eliminate any except Amsterdam and Germany. I was thinking it was a choice between Italy or Spain.