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Hey guys!
Straight to the point, we are 3 lebanese guys (24 years old), looking for a eurotrip adventure filled with great nightlife, hot girls, great beaches, cheap food, and must see places in preferably eastern europe for 15 days.

We are still researching our mission but have definitelly decided to go there during July via a plane to Istanbul Turkey and then catch the train to either Sofia or Thesaloniki.

PArty in Europe

HEy i was wondering how many of you guys are going to be in Europe this summer. I am currently in the process of planning my itinerary and it would be nice to have a few people to party with while i am out there. I am a 20 year old college student from southern california. feel free to contact my through my facebook/twitter/myspace pages. they are in my profile. or e-mil me at Just a disclaimer, I party hard! haha. also, any advice to planning my trip or advice for when im actually out ther would be greatly appreciated. =)

Please help me plan my first eurotrip :D

Hi everyone!

I’m planing my first Eurotrip and I’ve made a list of the places I wanna go to so far. I’ve got about 32 days for this trip starting in May. In June I start Law school so this might be my last chance at freedom for a long time.

I’m 23 years old, male, and adventurous. I love outdoor activities, partying, and also sightseeing (museums, landmarks, etc…)

Please help me narrow the list down to the top 10 or 11 places to go. I figure that’ll give me about 3 days per place, give or take. I’m traveling alone also. Anyway, here’s the list:


South of France, suggestions?

Hello everyone,

My two friends and I are backpacking this summer and have allocated 5 days for the south of France around late May and early June, but we aren’t sure where to go exactly. Ideally we’re looking for cute, small towns with restaurants and cafes that will keep us occupied for a day or two as we travel around. We’re all still in college, so we would like places with some social life, but we are also on a pretty tight budget, making St. Tropez and Cannes out of the question.

Partygoer Friendly Hostels

I’m looking on advice for hostels in the following cities:


About our group: We are traveling in a group of four as recent college graduates who will definitely be staying out late. We are looking for hostels that have reputations for being party friendly in good areas and tend to have younger people staying at them. It’s kinda hard to find places online that advertise themselves as this but any input would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

What's reasonable on a 4000 budget?

HELLO! A few of my friends and I planning to go on our very own Eurotrip! We’re juniors in college looking to let off some steam before our final year. I have $4000 to spend (not including airfare and a eurail pass, I’m paying for those separately and in advance) for 8 weeks of travel. Does this seem feasible to all the experienced travelers out there? We’re planning on taking trains at night (that gives us 10 free nights of lodging) and hopefully we’ll spend 4-5 nights crashing with friends we have over there.

Ben's Inn
Bar in Valencia, Spain
Other Entertainment in Mikhmoret, Israel

Amsterdam Nightlife

Hello all! I will be traveling to Amsterdam July 22, 2009 – ? and I am looking to have a fun-filled adventure. Im looking to partake in consumption of drugs and alcohol. Where do you suggest I go???