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Flight from New Jersey (or close by) to Berlin

Hey everyone,
I know there have been topics posted on how to find cheap flights, but I find myself unable to find flights in the price range I am hoping for. I am planning on backpacking from July 26 to August 26th . I would like to fly from either Newark, New York, or Philadelphia, and land in Berlin (preferably Tegel) and return via the same locations. So far the cheapest flight I have found has been for $1,010, including taxes and fees. Has anyone heard of a flight cheaper than this? If so, it would be a great help to me!

First trip abroad, suggestions?

My Fiancé and I will be making out first trip over seas next march for our Honeymoon. We originally planned a backpacking trip begging in Rome, and ending in Venice. No we are considering something a little more jam packed. We have 13 days to travel in Europe and are planning to buy a euorail global pass youth that will allow us to travel for 15 days.

Bavaria/Rhine valley itinerary help

hi! My husband and I are traveling in Germany for two weeks in July, starting from Munich. We hope to travel in Bavaria and Rhine valley, perhaps ending up in Dusseldorf to fly back to London! We need some help with the itinerary! We’re interested in seeing Rothenburg, Fussen, etc but need help connecting them together. We also love biking and finding “out there” places in the country. But we’re going by train, which presents a bit of a challenge!


Need advice on RailPass: Netherlands-Germany-Czech

Hi All,

I’m going away to Europe in June for 16 days with this rough itinerary:

Amsterdam: 3 days

Dusseldorf: 1 night

Rhine Valley (Bonn – Mainz) via ferry: 2 days

Stuttgart: 1 days

Munich: 3 days

Prague: 3 days

Budapest: 3 days

What would be the best railpass to use? I’ve done some research and I think getting the regional Germany-Czech pass would probably be the most practical. Other than this pass, the only other train tickets would be from Amsterdam- Dusseldorf and from Prague-Budapest.

More importantly, how many days should I get the railpass for?

Help with itinerary. Germany/Italy/Switzerland

Experienced Euro trippers
I need help planning an itinerary for my first Euro trip. A buddy and I will be arriving in Frankfurt on the 22nd of April and have a return flight on the 30th. We will be renting a car in Frankfurt and would like to circle going towards Venice Italy (may be as far south as Florence) and drive north to Switzerland back to Frankfurt.
Our interests are Sightseeing & Nightlife.
Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

Southside Festival

To the Eurotrip community. Last summer, I was a first time backapckers from Canada who on a whim attended a kick-ass festival in Germany. Should anyone else be interested in following my footsteps, I will leave whatever resources I can. Feel free to message me!

Official website in German and English:

Is Hostel Right for Me???

Hey All,
I’m planning an off season trip to Europe next month and am wondering if a hostel would be good for me. I’m 40 years old, young at heart and ready to have a great time in Amsterdam but wondering am I too old for staying in hostels?

I’d stay in hotels but hostels are better for my budget. Also not sure but am I getting this right that private rooms can be had for only $10-15 per night? How do they do this?

4 european citizens going on a EuroTrip

Hello, Three friends and I, all European citizens of different countries, are going on a Eurotrip this summer. We will leave from New York City around June 7th. Two people under 18 and two people over 18.
Our plan so far: Rome 3 days; Milan 3 days; Nice 7 days; Barcelona 4 days, Paris 4 days; Amsterdam 4 days; Berlin 5 days, Copenhagen 4 days, Stockholm 4 days; Oslo 4 days and end up in the North of Norway in Onoy (we have to be there by the 23rd of July).
Do you think we should get a round trip ticket from NYC to London, and then fly to rome?

Where to go

Planning on going to Paris in April/May of 2010 with my girlfriend. I have seen most of Europe already and this will be her 1st trip. We are starting in Paris and are unsure of our next two stops. 2 big things to consider are time and money of course, so i’m looking for the best value (easiest to travel to, price, stuff to see and do). Here are our choices
start in paris, then:
1. brussels, amsterdam
2. London, Edinburgh
3. Barcelona, Madrid
4. Munich, Salzburg
5. Venice, Rome

thanks for your thoughts

visiting berlin on Dec 24th

A group of 3 will have an unexpected visit to Berlin on the Dec 24th at noon. We will be there for only 24 hours. I know that most places will be closed at that time. Is there anything to possibly see or do on our visit?

Thank you