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Wahooo I'm heading to Europe! Help me plan!!!

Hi eurotrippers! I’m planning a trip to Europe in the summer of 2010. My friend that’s going with has already been there backpacking, so she is making me pick where I want to go. Having only been to France a million years ago, I didn’t know where to start. We are going to spend two weeks probably sometime in July. Advice as to when tickets are cheapest are also welcome. I was thinking of going to Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. Start in either Italy or the Netherlands. What places should we definitely hit up?

Planning Group Eurotrip, Help Please!!!

Hi everybody.
My friends and I are planning a eurotrip and we need help finding private rooms at either hostels or apartments that can house from 4 to 6 people. We are going to Prague, Berlin, Paris, and Barcelona, and we plan to stay 6 or 7 nights in each place. If anyone knows of any comfortable places where we can stay in private with our own bathroom, could you please recomend? I appreciate it.
P.S.—We may want to bring women back with us at the end of a nice night, so preferably a place that looks half decent.


indianer camp
Other Entertainment in Cologne, Germany

2-3 week trip and hopefully seeing lots !

Basically I have 2-3 weeks to try and see as much as I can without be blind sighted by Europe ! I wanna know what would be the best destinations- most plausible and as many as you see fit for this time frame. I’ve heard 3 cities but I like to seemore than that while I“m there. I don’t need to conquer the city per say maybe just spend 2 or 3 days given what the city has to offer. PLEASE PLEASE HELP THIS IS MY FIRST OVER ! I don’t see getting this amount of time off work again for some time and want to make it worth my wild ! – Thanks
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Advice on trip next week needed!- SPLIT to AMSTERDAM

Next week me and 3 friends are going traveling from Split to Amsterdam (Aged 19)
Here’s where we’re planning on going…

Depart Tues 1st Gatwick

Split, Croatia for 4 days (The Silver Central Hostel BOOKED)

Bled, Slovenia for 3 days

Budapest, Hungary for 2 days

Kraków, Poland for 2 days

Berlin, Germany for 3 days

Amsterdam, Netherlands for 4 days (Flying Pig Hostel BOOKED)

Arrive back Fri 18th East Mids

Any advice on places to stay/things to see would be much appreciated, also mainly i was wondering if this itinerary is too ambitious for the timespan we are

hamburg to brerhaven cheapest way

any suggestions?

Concerts (Freie Platzwahl)

Hey guys I was just wondering if people from N. America have gone to any concerts overseas and what they thought about the venues and the way the crowds and security and drinks and what not were like. More specifically I’m looking at checking out Marilyn Manson in Germany in either Hamburg (at the Alsterdorfer Sporthalle), Munich (at the Zenith), Berlin (at the tempdrom), or Frankfurt (at the Jahrhunderthalle)…has anyone been to these places? Finally does Freie Platzwahl mean that you buy the ticket and when you get there you sit/stand whereever you want aslong as there is room??

Need help!

Hi, everybpdy, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here.
So if you don’t know my story I’ll tell it again: my friends and I plan to go to Europe in a few years and want to get a head start on planning it. We plan to utilize the “Youth” discount for Eurail *and plan on staying in *hostels every night on this trip.

We added three new cities to this trip, and I’ll denote them as “NEW” in the following itinerary.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
Travelogue Entry in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Are two days enough for Munich?

Need help with planning for Munich… we are thinking whether it’s worth spending 2 or 3 days in Munich. As we are there during Oktoberfest, we have one full day for that. The next day we plan to roam in the city. So what are places which are must-see? i am thinking of Allianz Arena, BMW museum… what are the others? Also are there enough places to see for a third day? if not, we will go to amsterdam which is our next destination… maybe places around munich? dachau? , Berchtesgaden, Nuremberg ?

pls help!! thanks