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Are two days enough for Munich?

Need help with planning for Munich… we are thinking whether it’s worth spending 2 or 3 days in Munich. As we are there during Oktoberfest, we have one full day for that. The next day we plan to roam in the city. So what are places which are must-see? i am thinking of Allianz Arena, BMW museum… what are the others? Also are there enough places to see for a third day? if not, we will go to amsterdam which is our next destination… maybe places around munich? dachau? , Berchtesgaden, Nuremberg ?

pls help!! thanks

Car vs. German Rail vs. Eurorail

I am new to traveling in Germany and Switzerland, and was wondering what you all would suggest is the most convenient and cheapest way to travel. I plan on visiting the flying into and out of Frankfurt. I am hoping to see the Ludwig castles, Swiss Alps, and Burg Eltz Castle. I only have less than a week 5 days to be exact and sadly not more. Is this too much or is it possible to see everything and not be running around like crazy? If it is possible what transportation would you suggest? Thanks for your help and input!

My 2011 itinerary

ok, first look at my itinerary 2011 Senior Trip

next, I need advice on what cities to go to. What city should i spend longer in: barcelona, madrid, or a what other spanish country?

Spain, France, Germany, Amsterdam, Italy. What to eliminate?

Me and my friends are taking a summer trip to Europe. We were planning on going to France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Amsterdam. Yet, it seems hard to fit all these countries in a fluid foward travel motion. What is a good order to travel through these countries, and what countries should we eliminate? We can eliminate any except Amsterdam and Germany. I was thinking it was a choice between Italy or Spain.

Hostel advice please


I have been traveling to Europe before with my family, but I am planning a backpacking trip with my friends in the summer of 2010 and have never stayed at a hostel before. I have researched quite a bit, but I am still unsure of a few details.

How early do people generally book a hostel in advance? I don’t want to book all the hostels before I leave for Europe for 35 days because then I will have no flexibility with my travel times, when I want to leave for my next destination, etc.

Help with traveling :(

ok so I’m really wanting to go to the ukraine i have a friend there and it seems to be like an awesome place to visit but i also have all the rest of my plans to do… would it best to start in urkaine and then travel back to germany(my starting point) or travel from berlin to urkaine roundtrip…

1st trip

hey guys how u doin all
me and 2 my friends r coming to europ by next friday
our plan strats from frankfurt-swiss-italy-austria-munech-frankfurt
we r going to rent a car
BUT we know little about the countries
our budget is about 4000 dollars for 10—-31 of july
so where is good hostels,clean once’s,NOT AS IN YHE MOVIE OFCOURSE Smile BUT if there r same girls we wont mind Wink
so plzzz i need some tips
Dr. Abdullah

Best route for Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Amsterdam?

I want to go the Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and Amsterdam. Whats the best order to visit them that will save me the most money. I realize that I may have to eliminate a country. Amsterdam however, is a must. What do you think?

Im thinking maybe: Spain-France-Germany-Amsterdam or Amsterdam, German, France, Italy

It seems that no matter what I do, either Spain or Italy will get cut, but of course, I haven’t actually looked up travel prices and Spain-Italy might not be expensive. any help?


i am turning 18 next year and actually planning a euro trip with my cousin.
it will be our first time in europe.. we are so clueless. we need help with our itinerary.

We actually want to visit Italy first, then Spain, Greece, Germany, and France.

Any suggestions?
Like, how long should this trip be? around 1-2 months?
what cities should we visit?
how much money should we bring?


Travel Itinerary

Hello, I am currently in Iraq and am planning a trip to Europe when I get back to the states. I would leave from Washington on the 9th of September and will arrive in Germany around the 11th of September, 25 days total in Europe. I have a rough idea of where I would like to go but I want to receive input from more seasoned travelers as this is my first time “traveling” on my own and in another country. Here is what I have so far:
1. Frankfurt, Germany 2 days
2. Interlaken, Switzerland 3 days
3. Gimmelwald, Switzerland 3 days
4. Nice, France 4 days
5. Cinque Terre, Italy 4 days