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Back from Iraq, want to travel.

Hello, I am currently in Iraq and am planning a trip to Europe when I get back to the states. I would leave from Washington on the 9th of September and will arrive in Germany around the 11th of September, 25 days total in Europe. I have a rough idea of where I would like to go but I want to receive input from more seasoned travelers as this is my first time “traveling” on my own and in another country. Here is what I have so far:
1. Frankfurt, Germany 2 days
2. Interlaken, Switzerland 3 days
3. Gimmelwald, Switzerland 3 days
4. Nice, France 4 days
5. Cinque Terre, Italy 3 days

Is this possible on the europass??


My friend and I just bought out plane tickets for a 24 day trip to Europe. We land in Mardid on 7/16 and fly back home on 8/7 from Paris. Our teneitive intinerary is as follows;

Madrid 3 days
Ibiza 2 days
Barcelona 3 days
Marselle, France 2 days
Nice 2 days
Milan 2 days
Munich 3 days
Frankfurt 2 days
Amsterdam 2 days
Paris 3 days

We are planning on getting the 15 day euro pass and would like to get some advise on if this looks like a feseable plan. The train looks like the best option for our travels.



Munich to Phoenix in July! Is a cheap flight even possible?

Hey everyone,

I´m looking for a cheap round trip flight from Munich to Phoenix. I know July is a bad time to fly, and all I´ve been able to find is flights for around $1100. I´m looking to leave around July 7th and come back around the 26th, but my travel dates and times are EXTREMELY flexible, so anything around then should work. You guys are always great at finding cheap flights, so thanks in advance for the help!

Suggestions for first trip

Hi All

My wife and I are planning our maiden trip to Europe. So far, we think we have the broad itinerary covered. It would be great if you guys can pitch in give some suggestions for

a) places nearby that are maybe better/cheaper/ more worthwile to visit

b) some “off the normal tourist path” things / places

c) we are doing mostly rail travel. Any other suggestions would be most welcome here

d) and finally, some “must-do” things

Well, this is what we have for now:

Reach Frankfurt, take immediate train to Cologne
Stay in Cologne for 4 days.

Oktoberfest accomodation

Hey Guys,
My name is Sam, Im trying to get my trip organised and planned out as much as possbile. I dont know too much so all the help I get the better Smile Firstly could anyone help me with accomodation for Oktoberfest? I am trying to book a shared room now with me an two mates but it looks like I may have left it a bit late! any alternatives?
Thanks Guys!

Sites to book Train Tickets

I was wondering if anyone new of some good Cheap sites where I could book point to point tickets from. I am traveling from Rome to Munich, then from Munich to Berlin, Berlin to Sweden via plane and back to Berlin, Berlin to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Paris and Paris to Rome all by train


Help Required !
We are planning a 15 day trip to Europe in Early September. The countries and cities in our wish list are Italy ( Venice , Florence ) ; France ( Paris and some nearby areas ) ; Germany ( Hamburg , Munich ) and Spain ( Madrid , Barcelona ) .
Now the problem – we are aware that all these cant be done in 15 days ! What would you recommend our agenda should be ; and also is September the right time to travel ?
Look forward to your comments !Smile

Munich to Interlaken


Anyone have any recommendations for the trip by rail from Munich to Interlaken. After researching on, looks like there’s minimum 2 transfers, and its about 7 hours.

Any recommendations for spending a day in between? Stopping somewhere? Seeing something? Alternative routes? This is one of the last things we have to clear up before leaving in June.

Travel dates from Amsterdam-Munich will be 21-Jun by night train (preferably).
Travel dates from Munich-Interlaken will be 25-Jun by train.

Best Route for Southern Europe

Hello Everyone

I’m planning my first trip to Europe arriving July 6th to Salzburg, being in Berlin by the 7th of August. The cities that I want to see are: Vienna, Venice, Rome, Bucharest, Budapest, Bratislava, Krakow, Warsaw, Prague, and Munich (I would like to go Munich to Berlin via Frankfurt). I feel totally daunted by what route would make the most sense.